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PODCAST: Direct Mail Marketing & The 98% Solution

There are cycles in everything. Weather, economies, business and even
health. But it’s what you do during these cycles that can help keep your
dealership performing at a very high level. I want to touch again on the power of postage. But, this time, I want to do so with re-election thinking. First some math.

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Suppose you’ve been in business 10 years and have averaged 50-unit sales per month. That would mean a total of 6,000 sales over the course of 10 years. And, if we account for 25% of that being repeat business, you will have 4,500 customers in your database. These are people who became comfortable with how you do business, liked what you offered and VOTED to buy from you. Doesn’t it make sense to seek re-election from them?

Usually, when dealers sign up to do a mailing, they send out an average of
5,000 high impact pieces of mail. In major metro areas, that number could be larger, but this is just an example. Now, if you’re willing to spend money to mail out something of quality to total strangers, and expect great results,
wouldn’t it make even more sense to create something for people that already trust you enough to have purchased in the past?


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