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PODCAST: Powersports Diagnostic Scan Tools

Powersports vehicle manufacturers have moved all in with the use of electronic control units (ECUs) to manage and monitor the operation of the vehicle. This allows for better efficiency and performance, as well as on-board diagnostics systems that can be utilized for repair and maintenance.  This includes everything from fuel injection systems, to ABS systems to emissions control, and even anti-theft systems. And, because of these systems, powersports vehicles are becoming more complicated to diagnose and repair without the use of a diagnostic scan tool.

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If you are not using an advanced diagnostic tool today, then in most cases, it makes it nearly impossible to provide complete service on today’s vehicles, all of which are now equipped with electronic control units. It will allow the technician to increase the diagnostic capacity and ability to perform service tests correctly and quickly. Customer satisfaction is improved and makes additional sales and profits. No longer does the technician have to send the customer down the road to the dealer and lose the potential sale.

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