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PODCAST: Social Media Marketing

MPN speaks with industry experts about how social media marketing can improve sales for dealerships.


Odds are that as you’re listening to this right now, your cell phone is within an arm’s reach. You grab your phone, turn it on and will probably have a social media app or two downloaded to your home screen. Since mobile phones are practically as essential as a house key, have you considered maximizing on those platforms to bring in new customers to your dealership?

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Facebook statistics show that over 1.5 billion people use the social media platform every day. On top of that, over 2.3 billion use Facebook every month. With smart phones being so accessible, consuming content on social media has never been easier.

In a Manifest survey of 529 small business owners, social media advertising topped other advertising channels including online, print, television and radio, because social media allows dealerships to build a stronger relationship with customers in comparison to traditional marketing methods.

“Social media doesn’t infringe on what the dealer is already doing,” said Rohit Pursram, CEO of Activation Inc. “It only complements the processes that are already in place.”

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