Service Department Numbers

This column explores service department dealer data and benchmarks.

Value Education Over Legislation … My Head My Choice

Dean promotes rider education without government involvement, and Chad believes in pro-choice for helmets, but agrees with stressing rider education.

Old Or Out Of Shape?

As seldom as Bill rides hard-core off-road anymore, showing off his rusty skills tends to lead to problems.

Not Quite Perfect

What can your dealership do to thrive and survive in a challenging market?

12 From 20:

Mark shares his mistakes and successes after two decades in the business.

Casual Gear Guide

The draw to an alluringly edgy lifestyle brings many riders (and wannabes) into your store. Motorcycle culture is about more than the wind-in-your hair freedom — it’s a culture (or perhaps counter-culture) that provides a sense of identity. And even though you can take the man off of his bike, you can’t take the biker

P&A Numbers

This column explores the parts and accessories department dealer data and benchmarks.

More Than A Free Lunch

In this installment, the guys agree that year-round event marketing is key to gaining new customers and building lasting relationships with your loyal followers.

The Magic Number

One of the hardest battles for a sales manager to wage is to achieve that crucial balance — the fight between getting all the money and giving the bike away.

How to Do Test Rides … Right!

Getting a prospect on a bike and in the wind can be the best tool to help a customer make the right purchase decision.

The Success Triangle

Knowledge, action and systems can be the difference in enjoying a successful profitable business in a really fun industry.


Bill sees past a customer’s sorry attempt to bully his way to a great deal.