Value Education Over Legislation … My Head My Choice

Dean promotes rider education without government involvement, and Chad believes in pro-choice for helmets, but agrees with stressing rider education.

Value Education
Over Legislation

By Dean Kelly

I wear a helmet all the time, and I think everyone should. Even with countless miles in the saddle and with a few MSF courses under my belt, I feel more protected wearing it. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to protect themselves, as a helmet is probably the most important piece of protective gear you can wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a proponent of a laws making motorcyclists wear helmets — the last thing we need is more government intervention.

I agree with the AMA’s stance on promoting rider education rather than helmet laws. A well-educated rider is more liable to make the smart choice and wear a helmet.

While there is a definite need for more rider education, the MSF does offer great courses that are more likely than not available in your region. Promote them! Better yet. Hold a monthly biker basics course at your shop. You might end up selling more helmets and safety gear.

What the individual does with his noggin is his responsibility. As gas prices soar, there will be more new riders on the roads, and education is the way to keep them and everyone else on our highways safe.

My Head
My Choice

By Chad Wiggen

I have been riding for more than 20 years, and when off-road I always where a helmet. I would never spend the day riding dirt bikes or ATVs without one, and the thought of riding without a helmet never even crosses my mind. I suspect that’s because I feel that I am much more likely to crash when I’m off-road than when I’m riding one of my street bikes. On the other hand, I rarely ride on the street with a helmet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-helmet but more of a pro-choice kind of guy. I want the choice to be mine, and I choose not to wear one the majority of time. I don’t have any problem with the fact that Dean never rides without one, that’s his choice. I spend most of my time riding V-Twins, and I like the freedom and visibility that riding without a helmet provides. I am not na

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