AMA Members Can Get 15 Percent Discount on ColorRite Products

ColorRite, known for its line of color-matched paints for motorcycles, is the American Motorcyclist Association’s newest member benefit partner, offering a 15 percent discount on products exclusively to AMA members.

Highlighting The Best

A few weeks ago, I recieved an email from a concerned reader saying, in short, that our position on Independent We Stand was flawed. He nailed a number of points right on the head, like the fact that there are thousands of powersports dealers who tie their financial well-being to international companies such as Honda,

November 2013 Service Department Performance

Marketing your dealership is an important part of staying ahead and remaining profitable. Many dealers have improved significantly by increasing their marketing efforts.

Industry Vet Launches Personal Watercraft Content Site, E-Commerce Storefront

The Watercraft Journal, launched by Kevin Shaw, offers news, reviews and interviews. The site will also serve as the blog to online storefront Watercraft Outfitters.

Work Hard And Win: Part Two

How To Increase Your Parts-To-Labor Ratio

Body Language Spoken Here: Part 2

What You’re Silently Telling Your Customers

NPA Trend Report: Rising Demand And Rising Product Availability

November is the first month since spring to show an uptick in average wholesale price across a majority of categories. NPA feels this upward trend in average wholesale price will continue into the spring of 2014.

The Two Most Misunderstood Legal Regulations

Studying up on these two items can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with not following the law.

Liquid Cooled Engine Care

Many industry folks have predicted the end of powerful air-cooled engines with emissions regulations pushing manufacturers to move toward leaner, hotter-burning fuel mixtures that have increased cooling needs.

P-selling To P-sychos

Human beings ride motorcycles primarily because they are fun, convenient and represent a lifestyle with which we want to be connected. The machines you offer represent an emotional commitment and lifestyle expression to us – unlike the European and Asian scooter markets where they are purely tools for transportation. Harley-Davidson doesn’t sell motorcycles; it sells a lifestyle, which in turn brings the parts, pieces and ingredients along for the ride. So what are you selling?

Dudley Perkins Company: 100 Years of Harley-Davidson

This San Francisco-based shop is the third-oldest motorcycle dealership in the United States. It’s been run by the same family for that entire time, with the fourth generation of the Perkins’ now involved in the business.

EICMA 2013: Inside the World’s Largest Motorcycle Trade Show

Despite the fact that the domestic market has been down in recent years, particularly on the scooter side, EICMA itself is truly on a roll as attendance was up nearly 10 percent for 2013. With more than half a million consumers and virtually every motorcycle media outlet in the world on hand for the five-day show, there really is no denying EICMA is the “capo di tutti capi” of motorcycle events.