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A few weeks ago, I recieved an email from a concerned reader saying, in short, that our position on Independent We Stand was flawed. He nailed a number of points right on the head, like the fact that there are thousands of powersports dealers who tie their financial well-being to international companies such as Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Kymco, along with the many fine aftermarket companies we have all grown accustomed to in the U.S.

My point is that as powersports dealers, you sell products from all over the world. While V-Twin dealers may sell a larger share of American made products, for many multi-line dealers this is not what their customers want. While buying American may be a noble cause, we know that many of you have a much more international approach. We would agree that it is a complex issue for dealers who want to support the local community and be viewed as a small business when you sell such a variety of products from around the globe.

But as a small business, you likely put more dollars back into your local community than some of the big box chains. Yes, buying American made products is a great ideal to uphold when the choices are clear and a decision can be made one way or another in your dealership. We agree with our reader that this is an issue without an easy answer or cause to support.

Speaking of things American, the 14th Annual V-Twin Expo is just about to get underway in Cincinnati starting Feb. 8. The show is reporting increased dealer registration plus a strong list of exhibitors. Dealers will be able to meet with industry leading V-Twin manufacturers, builders, designers, distributors and more during the two-day show at the Duke Energy Convention Center. In addition to the exhibitors on hand, you will have access to highly interactive seminars and working sessions geared to make your business more profitable and efficient. Starting on page 22, we offer a preview of the show and some of the many products available in this thriving market.

Products are a big part of what you offer and what we highlight each issue, and we are proud to announce our second annual Best of The Web award winners. We don’t pick the winners; instead we compile the list from our most-read items on our website.

And finally, we would like to announce that longtime powersports entrepreneur Eric Anderson has joined our team. We’re very excited to be working with Eric as he has been a stalwart in the industry for many years promoting dealer education and training. And this is, we believe, one of the biggest building blocks to a successful dealership. We have many great things planned with this new partnership and he will have a strong influence in the coming months along with Robin Hartfiel and I on the newly formed editorial advisory board. Please give Eric a warm welcome next time you see him. Or better yet, reach out and congratulate him on the ‘net!

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