Tramontin Harley-Davidson, Hope, NJ

It’s so refreshing to find a place like Tramontin Harley-Davidson/Honda in Hope, N.J. No, it’s not housed in a historical building or part of an urban renewal project; this dealership’s history reaches back to the bright, early days of American motorcycling, touting a family connection to Ernest “Red” Tramontin’s first motorcycle shop in Clifton, N.J., established in 1915.

Don’t Underestimate This Part of the Sales Process

Our biggest fear as retailers in the beginning of the new year isn’t a so-so economy. It isn’t declining interest in what we sell. It’s the other “guy” in the room. The e-guy. The competitor that lurks in the Wi-Fi.

Destination Dealership Top 5

Bob’s BMW (February issue) One part motorcycle dealership, one part vintage motorcycle museum and one part online/mail order new, classic, vintage and used motorcycle parts store, Bob’s BMW located in Jessup, Maryland, adds up to a 100 percent successful dealership. Store owner Bob Henig started out modestly by selling used BMW motorcycle parts from his

Changing Of The Guard At Volusia Motorsports

Well known for his racing promotions, Eric Peronnard is not so well known for his role in starting three different dealerships — one in Grenoble, France, one in Las Vegas, and most recently, Volusia Motorsports.

We Can’t Afford This Type of Trouble

Call it cyber attacks or data breaches or whatever you like, but this stuff is scary. One online report said the average cost per stolen record was $150-$200. That’s per record! Can you imagine if you had a couple hundred or couple thousand records stolen from your system? It could mean the end of a dealership.

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson

Winners Don’t Think Small [dropcap]I[/dropcap]n Las Vegas the operative word is “big.” Everything in this town is larger than life, built to grand proportions and bling is king. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be bigger, glitzier and louder than the rest. Well, Harley-Davidson dealerships aren’t generally known for Liberace-like

Response Time is Key to Managing this New Daily Business Challenge

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere’s a Murphy’s Law scenario that happens occasionally at our dealerships. Somebody calls in sick on a day that ends up being one of the busiest in the entire month. As a result, for stretches of time you have a customer backup at the parts counter and probably also in the service department. Let’s say

This ‘Mom & Pop’ Shop is the Biggest Scooter Dealer in Florida

Solano Cycle [dropcap]E[/dropcap]laine Haines was on a trip to Key West, Fla. and witnessed first-hand its prolific scooter culture. Returning home to Northeast Florida, she then imagined the possibilities of such a business in the historic town of St. Augustine, Fla. Her son, Martin Solano, was at a crossroads in his career and was ripe

Black Hills Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shop

The Black Hills of South Dakota are known to riders of every stripe and style, no matter what brand of bike they ride.

Skagit Powersports Owners Put Innovative Retail Concepts Into Place

Gary Lawyer, Bill Cameron and Pete Bangs bought Skagit Powersports in 1992, and soon started putting their innovative retail concepts into place.

Creating an Easier and More Efficient Sales Department

Technology is fundamentally changing what we do and how we do it. Just look at book buyers.

Montgomery Motorcycle Company

outing a particular expertise at your shop isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can lead to becoming known as the go-to place for a certain service or specialty. On the other hand, you don’t want to be pigeon-holed so narrowly that you’re overlooked for bread-and-butter maintenance work and ready consumables like tires and oil – that would be a bad thing.