McGraw Powersports: Inside AIMExpo

This year, the Leadership Plus Track has six different segments over two days (Sept. 26 and 27). These sessions include a training and gross profit seminar presented by Sam Dantzler.

The AIMExpo provides a rare opportunity for companies to interact in person with dealers across the nation and to get an inside look at the ever-evolving motorcycle industry. It is a one-stop shop for dealers, riders, service providers and general enthusiasts to explore the future of riding and get a glimpse at what the following year will bring. Many companies use it as a chance to set up booths, sponsor various panels and seminars, and engage in events throughout the show.

“The AIMExpo is a one-of-a-kind event, it brings all aspects of the powersports community into one all-encompassing show. We get the opportunity to connect with potential customers as well as forge relationships with other industry professionals that, for our business, can be very beneficial in the future. AIMExpo is definitely something I look forward to attending every year,” said Regional Sales Manager for McGraw Powersports, Jason Duncan, when asked about the influence of the AIMExpo.

McGraw Powersports is one of the sponsoring companies at this year’s event in Columbus, OH. They are hosting the Leadership Plus Track for the second year in a row. The Leadership Plus Track is an educational opportunity for dealers to learn profitable tips and tricks, strategies to increase business, beneficial marketing tactics and engage in discussions surrounding hot topics. 

This year, the Leadership Plus Track has six different segments over two days (Sept. 26 and 27). These sessions include a training and gross profit seminar presented by Sam Dantzler. This 55-minute long class will stress the importance of on-boarding and proper employee training to prevent turnover and produce profitable returns. The track will tackle all of the tough training issues and help dealers be better employers. 

The following session will discuss the top 27 hottest topics that dealers have been talking about in 2019. Gart Sutton will moderate a conversation with 20-group dealer principals in a highly interactive setting that will allow dealers to discover new ways to enhance their revenue streams and improve overall operations.

The next day consists of four forums that go on throughout the day and touch on making money, social media and customer experience. The first session is another Sutton special on how dealers can utilize all of their departments to maximize money making. This is followed by a talk with Collin Austin on how to create exceptional experiences for your customers through insights from the pro himself. The last two segments focus on social media and how dealers can improve their overall digital presence and footprint. Social media is an important tool that, if utilized correctly, can increase a company’s exposure and directly boost sales.

“If you are serious about growing your business in the powersports industry you need to attend the dealer seminars, and informative meetings. These seminars will be presented by industry leaders and will offer attending dealers a deeper understanding of what it takes to effectively train, mentor and manage people in the powersports industry, while also positioning your dealership as a leader in the marketplace,” said Smitty Rensel, regional sales manager for McGraw Powersports.

The whole purpose of this convention is for dealers to show up curious and leave armed with a new set of tools for success and a better understanding of this expanding industry.

Shane Ballard, another regional sales manager for McGraw Powersports, explained, “The AIMExpo is the motorcycle industry’s largest event of the year for dealers and motorcycle enthusiasts. The opportunity we have to meet face to face is unmatched to any other event throughout the year.”

Ballard goes on to explain that the show allows McGraw Powersports “to have one on one interactions with dealers showing them the benefits of having ease of use to a full suite of products.” This sort of social interaction is invaluable to both the dealer and the provider.

So, go on – get your tickets! Be sure to explore the expo, sign up for anything you can attend, and stop by the McGraw Powersports booth (No. 1514) to chat, inquire and enter for the chance to win one of their prizes.

If you have not already gotten your ticket to attend the AIMExpo, you can get one here

Link: McGraw Powersports

McGraw Powersports
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