How to Market Youth Powersports Vehicles

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For families with a history of riding powersports, it may not seem like a big deal to introduce their children to youth vehicles when the time is right. But from an outside perspective, it might be hard to visualize a world where children and the powersports industry coincide together. Powersports are often seen as being dangerous and unpredictable — a quality that parents shy away from with their children. Just as skateboarding was blacklisted by parents decades ago (and still is today) for being too unsafe for younger kids, powersports are also an area of worry.

However, the pandemic pushed families outdoors, and as adults learned the joys of riding, they soon found their children wanted to join in. Now in 2022, the entry point for younger riders is wider than ever. Youth racing is trending, and more and more children are looking to get behind the wheel of a powersport vehicle. That begs the question: How do you market youth powersports vehicles to the parents that would ultimately buy them?

Ease of Entry

Powersports riding is safer today than it ever has been, and it’s no different for youth. Part of the reason is the apparel, which has continually grown more advanced throughout the years in terms of protective material and easy-access features.The other reason is that powersports vehicles have begun to be marketed specifically towards youth. UTVs and ATVs in particular are seeing great interest from this younger age group.

Four-wheeled vehicles are much easier to handle than two-wheeled offerings and provide more protection in the event of a mishap. In fact, some manufacturers have been producing youth side-by-sides (SxS) for years now, including HISUN, which began focusing on the youth category in 2006. As such, HISUN has experience building vehicles to best fit the needs of this segment.

Jacob Vaughan, marketing director of HISUN Motors, says, “Building a platform for families to begin that journey is exciting for HISUN. Riding ATVs and UTVs is a family activity that continues to grow, and they’re a great way to introduce youth to powersports.”

HISUN’s youth SxS offerings are prime candidates for family fun. “We build them to be approachable and easy to learn or be taught by parents,” Vaughan notes. “They are perfect for entry-level riding and eventually can help to bridge into racing.”

It’s also important to note that youth units are generally priced significantly lower than adult models, which means parents can let their children follow their passions without breaking the bank. For instance, priced at only $5,599 MSRP, HISUN’s Strike 250R allows for inexpensive thrills and fun.

Not Just a Toy

Youth powersports vehicles do not have to be stripped-down versions of their larger counterparts. More often than not, these side-by-sides perform very similarly.

HISUN’s Strike 250R, for example, is powered by a four-stroke, single cylinder, overhead camshaft engine with an automatic CVT transmission and independent dual a-arm suspension. The SxS also comes standard with a roof, windshield, half doors, aluminum wheels and a 2,500-pound synthetic rope winch.

A top speed of 30 mph means that youth drivers can get up to speed on the track and be competitive without reaching dangerous levels. The Strike 250R has a quick yet predictable throttle response, which allows for the same feeling riders will get on larger UTVs but at speeds that youth can handle.

And of course, as with any powersports vehicle, once those young riders outgrow their youth models, parents can trade them in for the next level up. All in all, youth powersports are here to stay. Not only is marketing to this group allowing for accessible family fun, but it also opens up the world of powersports to new riders and encourages the next generation of powersports enthusiasts to hit the track!

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