PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil



A product of D-A Lubricant Company, PennGrade 1® High Performance Oil is “The Original Green Oil.®” With its tenacious clingability and enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous chemistry, PennGrade 1® gives your hard-working engine the performance and protection it demands and deserves.


Motorcycle Oils

PennGrade 1® keeps your motorcycle engine running like new. Using the right motor oil can make all the difference, so take care of what you’re pumping into it. We put our high-performance motorcycle oils to the test. Whether it’s on the road or on the track, we duplicate some of the roughest, most intense, real-life environments anywhere in the world. That’s how you know PennGrade 1® high-performance motorcycle oils provide outstanding engine protection and help improve fuel economy.

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Contact: Bobbi Brophy
801 Edwards Drive
Lebanon IN 46052
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