Marketing UTV Accessories During the Holidays

Some accessories are universal must-haves, and some have special potential during the cold season.

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Consumers hardly ever leave their larger purchases in stock form. Whether it be a cell phone or a fancy outfit, there’s often a phone case or some shiny jewelry tacked on later. That’s because humans like to accessorize — why not make a great purchase even better?

Accessories usually build on a product’s utility, giving it more features or improving the features it already has. They can be an investment or simply an attractive improvement. Either way, customers are always looking to upgrade what they already have, and the powersports industry is no different.

Standard UTV Accessories

UTVs are ripe for accessorizing, as “utility” is literally in the name. The sheer number of different activities that can be completed in the vehicles, whether work or play, lends a hand to various upgrades, attachments and enhancements that can be added after a purchase. But what accessories are the most sought after by UTV owners?

The basics come first: a roof, windshield, mirrors and winch are all add-ons that customers opt to purchase from the get-go. These are usually present in marketing materials for most UTV models but are often missing from stock original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicles unless purchased in an accessory package. These basic accessories come standard on some manufacturers’ models, such as HISUN’s, at the time of purchase, allowing customers to explore more personalized items to fit their needs.

And as we near the holiday season, customers will no doubt be wondering what accessories to buy themselves, their friends and families to upgrade their UTV game. But how and what should dealers be marketing to their customers?

Marketing Cold-Weather Accessories

One of the best ways to catch the attention of a potential buyer is to pre-install the items on the show floor. Advertisements and visual aides are always a good idea, but being able to see the product you are buying up-close-and-personal is unmatched.

Phil Chapman, parts and accessories director for HISUN Motors, says, “When the customers come in, they’ll know that you’ve chosen the best items for the season and have had them installed properly. It makes the decision-making process for them much easier if you present a whole solution in a clean and well thought out package.”

Extra storage options are always an essential for UTV owners, as there’s always more cargo to carry. “A unit big enough to carry the family or crew should be able to carry their camping/fishing/hunting gear or work tools also,” Chapman notes. “A well-designed box or rack system that properly fits the unit can go a long way to making sure that no items are left behind or that the game makes it back to camp.”

Light bars are also a must-have for many owners. Aside from adding to the aesthetic of the vehicle, they provide much needed visibility and safety to owners who choose to ride on cool summer nights after the sun has fallen or during the short days of winter. Adding a little light can provide a few extra hours of work or thrills before it’s time to turn off the engine for the day.

Speaking of cold weather, what accessories are most marketable during the winter months? HISUN, for instance, has soft enclosures for their two- and four- seat UTVs, along with cab heaters and plows ranging from 50 inches to 72 inches to meet different needs. UTVs aren’t necessarily the most insulated vehicles, so a cab heater and enclosure can go a long way in providing a warm and comfortable ride during the colder months.

Ultimately, accessorizing a UTV comes down to personalization. Customers with unique and customized vehicles are more attached to them, offering more utility while breaching the gap between machine and rider. Accessory sales promote increased revenue and customer retention, which is a win-win for dealers across the board.

For more information on HISUN, visit www.hisunmotors.com.

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