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Polaris Slingshot Announces Heated and Cooled Seats for 2020 Lineup

With a redesigned cockpit for the 2020 Polaris Slingshot lineup, riders already experience improved comfort and airflow via adjustable air vents. Now, with the introduction of Slingshot’s first-ever factory Heated and Cooled Seats accessory, and powered by industry-leading technology, riders can further enhance their comfort.

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The Slingshot Heated and Cooled Seat utilizes a proprietary thermoelectric technology to cool and heat the seat on three varying settings including, low, medium and high. A flexible Graphene material disperses the heating or cooling throughout the bottom and backrest of the seat for full coverage. Each seat is plush, cushioned with accent stitching and an embroidered Slingshot logo in the headrest. A non-perforated design means each seat is 100% waterproof and highly durable. With no HVAC system, the Slingshot Heated and Cooled Seat is easily installed in replace of the standard driver or passenger seat.

“As we went to market in 2020, we gleaned an incredible amount of insight from our current owners and prospective consumers,” said Chris Sergeant, Slingshot vice president. “That list included improved rider comfort. The new Heated and Cooled Seat not only enhance the ride experience only a Slingshot can deliver, but extends the driving season. We made it our mission to bring this feature straight from the factory.”

Sold individually, and pairing exclusively with 2020 models, the Slingshot Heated and Cooled Seat is available for $1,199.99 at and local dealers.


With 70% all-new vehicle content, the 2020 Slingshot delivers next-level driving experiences. Taking center stage is Slingshot’s AutoDrive transmission. With no clutch pedal or manual shifting necessary, drivers can operate a 2020 Slingshot with AutoDrive in much the same way they drive a standard automatic. With the majority of people unable to operate a stick shift, the implementation of the AutoDrive transmission takes the next step to further expand accessibility.

Furthermore, each 2020 Slingshot packs Polaris Industries’ first four-cylinder engine, the ProStar 2.0L, and a completely redesigned interior – providing more comfort and convenience with a new steering wheel, gauges and added storage compartments.


Starting at $26,499, the SL with AutoDrive is available in Red Pearl and Blue Steel paint colors. Pricing for the R model begins at $30,999 for a manual and $32,699 for AutoDrive. Both R options are available in Stealth Black and Miami Blue paint colors.

Link: Polaris

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