Destination Dealership: Savannah Motorsports

Savannah Motorsports describes itself as a “small, hometown dealership,” but customers are willing to travel the extra miles from all over the Southeast thanks to the dealership’s can-do, friendly attitude.

Polaris Slingshot 2023 Lineup

The lineup expands factory accessory options, adds vibrant paint colors and inspires drivers to design their own rides directly from the factory.

Polaris Slingshot Family
Destination Dealership: iMotorsports

A lesson in constantly reevaluating your target markets.

New York Reclassifies Polaris’ Slingshot

Residents in the Empire State can now experience the Polaris Slingshot with a standard driver’s license.

Gas Monkey Garage’s Custom Polaris Slingshot

The team calls it the Urban Assault Slingshot.

Polaris Slingshot Custom Built by Gas Monkey Garage

The Slingshot community is no stranger to customization. But Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage take customizing vehicles to another level. Named the Gas Monkey urban assault Slingshot, it doesn’t take more than a glance to see this Slingshot is like nothing else on the road, truly capturing Rawlings’ outgoing, adventurous personality.

Gas Monkey and Polaris Slingshot Partner for One-of-a-Kind Custom Build

Gas Monkey Garage to Chronicle Build with Five-Part Video Series Premiering Exclusively on Polaris Slingshot’s YouTube Channel.

2020 Slingshot: Automatic is No Joke

The great thing about a Slingshot is that it feels natural to drive. It handles much like a car, and the single rear Kenda 305/30R20 is big enough to hold the grip in most corners along with the revised twin-tube gas-charged coil-overs and upgraded swingarm.

Polaris Slingshot Reclassified in Wisconsin as ‘Autocycle’

Residents of Wisconsin can now operate the three-wheeled Slingshot with a standard driver’s license, rather than the previously-required motorcycle license or endorsement. The reclassification will take effect immediately.

Find It Now GPS Recovers 2016 Polaris Slingshot and Additional Motorcycle

Around 1 a.m., a 2016 Polaris Slingshot was hotwired and driven away. Luckily for the owner, they had FIN GPS to let them know it was moved.

Polaris Slingshot Celebrates International Dog Day with August Promotion

In celebration of International Dog Day on Aug. 26, Slingshot is donating $100 for every Slingshot sold in the month of August to Best Friends.

Polaris Slingshot: National Stick Shift Day Lessons

In celebration of National Stick Shift Day on July 16, consumers can visit their local Slingshot dealership throughout the month of July for a free stick shift driving lesson.