On the Road with Brands That Shine – Part II

Back in April, I told you about our first quarter on the road- supporting reps and dealers and visiting friends. I can hardly believe that as of August 2, we will have completed our second quarter on the road. That is six months and 13 states! We left off with you in Arizona where things were starting to open up and the temperatures were going up!

Crossing into Texas, I got to catch up with Paul Kittrell Jr. at Lyndall Brakes to tour his new building and see how things are going. When I asked him how business has been this last year and with the move into his bigger digs … His answer was simply “I have been blessed doubly in spite of myself.” Way to go, Paul!

L-R: Visited with Paul Kittrell Jr. at Lyndall Brakes. Stopped at Tucker HQ for Lextek Exhaust training session.

Making our way thru Texas, we were met with the awful news of the tragic and sudden loss of Jim Matchette. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Matchette family and the entire LeMans family. A huge loss to all. Continuing north toward Oklahoma,  I stopped into Tucker HQ for a fun-filled day of training on Lextek Exhaust. Live sessions as well as MS Teams for the outside Reps. They had just returned to working from the office the day before I arrived (coincidence, I think not!).

What convenient timing to be in Oklahoma! OKC Mile anyone? Great to see races happening with spectators, and to catch up with my favorite hometown Indian Motorcycles Flat Track face, Brad “The Bullet” Baker! A huge congrats on the nuptials to Brad and his new bride, Kelcey!

Got to catch up with Indian Motorcycles, Brad “The Bullet” Baker.

We have since made our way through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, and now entered into South Dakota. Had a lot of great dealer stops like SPAZ Custom Cycles in Nebraska with Hard Drive Rep., Jason Heitritter – educating on Sawicki Speed and DK Custom products.

Stopped at SPAZ Custom Cycles in Nebraska with Hard Drive Rep., Jason Heitritter – educating on Sawicki Speed and DK Custom products.

Finally making it into South Dakota with a stop at the one-of-a-kind Full Blast Engineering with Drag Rep., April Knapp.

Made it to South Dakota with a stop at Full Blast Engineering with Drag Rep., April Knapp.

It’s definitely been a busy few months of dealer visits out here! I so appreciate the reps who let us “Moochdock” as well as the awesome Harvest Host experiences along the way (check them out if you like beer, wine, or basically anything that can be grown, free, motorcycle-friendly, or overnight camping!).

As we approach the Sturgis Rally, we hear rumors of the Delta variant rearing its ugly head in some cities and more restrictions coming back. Crossing our fingers for a fun and successful rally and a quick detour to the WPS National Sales Meeting in Boise before continuing on East. We will see what comes as we enter the second half of this year on the road…

Hey, Northeast friends – how big is your driveway?

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