Race Winning Brands Expands Powersports Network Support With Brands That Shine

Brands That Shine will work to help drive growth in awareness, knowledge and sell-through for RWB’s powersports products.

Race Winning Brands, Brands That Shine
MPN Power Players: Jessica Shine and Gunnar Heinemeyer of Brands That Shine

Brands That Shine helps the dealer/rep relationship among the company’s represented brands.

R&G Announces New Partnership with Brands That Shine

The partnership will work to further boost the growth of R&G in the U.S.

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Brands That Shine to grow SBS presence in the U.S.

Shine will travel the country, directly representing SBS in dealerships and trade shows.

Brands That Shine
On the Road with Brands That Shine: Going Home

After 15 months on the road, more than 18,000 miles and 42 states, I’m back home.

On the Road with Brands That Shine — One Year In!

The tour is almost over.

Brands That Shine
Brands That Shine Has Partnered with INNOVV Dash/Action Cameras

Both the K5 and K3 dash/action cameras connect to the rider’s smartphone through the INNOVV App that is available for Android or iPhone.

On the Road with Brands That Shine – Part II

Back in April, I told you about our first quarter on the road- supporting reps and dealers and visiting friends. I can hardly believe that as of August 2, we will have completed our second quarter on the road. That is six months and 13 states! We left off with you in Arizona where things

On the Road with Brands That Shine

Brands That Shine decided to take to the road and travel around the country with motorcycles, samples and swag to promote their brands directly to the dealers, alongside their distributor reps.

Sawicki Speed Partners with Brands That Shine

Sawicki Speed is proud to announce Brands That Shine as their new brand representative.

Brands That Shine Adds Rocker Lockers to Lineup for 2020

The Harley Twin Cam motor has a gap between the rocker arm shaft and the bolt that is supposed to lock it. This gap allows the shaft to rotate and hit the bolt, causing a tick. Rocker Lockers eliminate that annoying tick so many Twin Cam owners witness.

Green Light Triggers Change Lights from Red to Green

The Green Light Trigger GLT 2.0 is a patented green light trigger that employs the use of two powerful neodymium magnets and a custom-designed low-profile plastic injection molded chassis that legally turns red traffic lights into green ones.