MotoLink Unveils 1st Connectivity Platform for Powersports Vehicles

MotoLink LLC, a wireless connectivity technology provider for powersports industry, announced the world’s first connectivity platform for powersports vehicles that allows harvesting and monetization of sensor and geolocation data that the vehicles generate every day.

MotoLink LLC, a wireless connectivity technology provider for powersports industry, announced the world’s first connectivity platform for powersports vehicles that allows harvesting and monetization of sensor and geolocation data that the vehicles generate every day.

The MotoLink platform delivers all the necessary hardware and software components to quickly bring secure connectivity to powersports vehicles and tap into valuable diagnostic and riding data, improving end user experience, enabling new revenue streams and cutting operational costs for vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, dealerships and other industry players. MotoLink easily integrates with motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and other powersports vehicles, whether already on the road, brand new or yet to be developed.

“Connected vehicle technology has come a long way, but the powersports industry was lagging behind in its adoption,” said Alex Leonov, founder and managing director of MotoLink LLC. “We wanted to close this gap, and bring the benefits of connected vehicle technology to all of the powersports industry players. Countless development hours and two patent applications later, we’ve built a scalable and customizable platform, essentially a turn-key solution to instantly add connectivity to a new or existing vehicle and link it securely to the cloud. The opportunities for new revenue streams and operating cost savings the MotoLink platform unlocks are endless, from enabling contextual offers to performing secure over-the-air software updates to bringing concierge and emergency service to the riders.”

The MotoLink platform consists of the following components:

MotoLink I is comprised of a set of unique “plug & leave” OBD dongles that connect to a diagnostic port of a motorcycle, ATV or other powersports vehicle. Thanks to its patent-pending design, MotoLink I devices are guaranteed to fit in the tight spaces around the diagnostic port and can be left there indefinitely. The MotoLink app allows riders to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes, access engine control unit and diagnostic data, as well as over 100 different live data parameters from the vehicle’s sensors and multiple electronic modules, and more. Using Bluetooth, a MotoLink I dongle communicates with a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch or a smart helmet, as well as MotoLink II devices.

MotoLink II is a revolutionary patent-pending device that clips on to the handlebar and turns almost any powersports vehicle into a connected vehicle. Combined with MotoLink I, it enables the harvesting of a full range of vehicle and riding data, including geolocation, speed, acceleration, mileage, leaning angle and more. MotoLink II facilitates crash detection and riding behavior analysis, while also enabling a concierge and/or emergency call service for powersports vehicles. It can be customized for new models, while the vehicles already on the road can be easily retrofitted with the device. MotoLink II will help connect the vehicle with the Internet of Things including smart city and highway infrastructure, and is a perfect platform for the emerging vehicle-to-vehicle safety standards.

MotoLink application programming interface and software development kit allow OEMs, suppliers and other third-party app developers to create their own smartphone apps to work in conjunction with MotoLink devices, significantly enriching the end user experience. The applications may range from remote diagnostics to tailored content delivery to gamification.

MotoLink Blockchain Cloud Platform features close-loop architecture that allows for sending over-the-air critical software updates quickly and securely. The data harvested from a vehicle presents great value and can be used to improve the customer experience, save money, and make riding safer and more fun. To make sure the data stays secure and protected we use blockchain technology for data management of the cloud-based database. Blockchain provides unparalleled security and is perfect for creating distributed access to different portions of the data. Additionally, a new cryptocurrency can be created using blockchain, unleashing new possibilities to enhance the customer experience by introducing brand loyalty programs, secure and automated payment systems, and more.

MotoLink is a powerful, modular and scalable platform that can implemented with tremendous flexibility. The MotoLink Platform can be integrated fully or partially, as a co-branded or white-labelled solution, or custom-built based on exact requirements, all licensed to suit. MotoLink empowers clients to introduce connectivity to their powersports vehicles on-time and on-budget. MotoLink engineering services, encompassing the entire range of product development and testing, will help bring a client-specific solution to the market quickly and ahead of the competition.

MotoLink will attend AIMExpo at booth No. 2805 in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 11-14.

Link: MotoLink

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