Cardo Systems Releases PACKTALK PRO

The PACKTALK PRO brings back big sound and stealth looks.

Cardo Systems and 509 Transform Motorcycle Helmets With Mach V Commander

A revolutionary motorcycle helmet for
seamless communication and unmatched safety on the open road.

Mach V Commander
Cardo Systems Introduces New Half Helmet Accessory Kit and Shoei Helmet Adapter

Riders with open-faced and half-Shell helmets can now experience superior communication and compatibility with Cardo’s PACKTALK EDGE, NEO and CUSTOM Comms Systems

Packtalk Edge
Cardo Systems Announces New Intercom Recording Feature

The ability to seamlessly record Dynamic Mesh Communication chats is yet another game-changing update from Cardo.

Cardo, PACKTALK Edge
Cardo Software Update Lets Users Connect With All Major Bluetooth Communicators

Cardo Systems’ latest update delivers seamless Bluetooth INTERCOM pairing with all the latest versions of communicators from all the major brands in the industry.

Cardo Bluetooth Device
Customer FAQs About Comm Units

Customers want to keep connected, and you can give them the best advice for how to do so.

comm unit, headset, communication system, helmet, rider
Ducati Communication System V3 by Cardo

The new Ducati Communication System V3 by Cardo offers Ducatisti the most innovative communication technologies to stay connected at all times, even while riding.

Ducati Communication System V3, Cardo
RESONAR’s Bat 8D Technology for the Helmet Industry 

Having 360-degree hearing enhances awareness and proprioception while riding.

BMW’s ConnectedRide Com U1 Communications System

The communication system works via Bluetooth or Mesh 2.0 technology.

ConnectedRide Com U1
JP1 Jeep GMRS Radio Kit

Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU and Jeep Gladiator.

J1 Jeep GMRS Radio Kit
How to Sell Gear to Seasoned Riders

Unlike with new riders, price probably isn’t the object.

motorcyclist, gear, helmet, suit
Cardo and KTM Unveil KTM Packtalk Edge

This Packtalk Edge was created for “orange bleeders.”

KTM Packtalk Edge