MBA Insurance: Rental May Be Your Answer

Motorcycle, scooter and ATV rental has become so accepted by the public that for dealers not to be renting is truly missing a growth opportunity.

MBA Insurance has been offering rental insurance for powersports vehicles and RVs since 1978.

The fastest growing sector of the recreation rental business is the powersports segment. Motorcycle, scooter and ATV rental has become so accepted by the public that for dealers not to be renting is truly missing a growth opportunity.

While it used to be just Harley-Davidsons that were being rented, we now see all makes, models and sizes.  From the 50cc scooters to the 1000cc sports bikes, rental is where it’s at today.

People are looking to RENT – that is what the millennial generation is all about.  Whether it’s rent before you buy or just all they want is to rent; rental is the carrot to get them in your store.   

How can MBA help you in all of this?  MBA’s policy will provide coverage for the vehicle – for you the dealer – and for the renter. MBA has a variety of insurance options for the different products that we insure. The team at MBA is quite experienced at getting new dealers started off on the right foot in the rental area.   

MBA supports your rental operation. MBA provides to you at “no charge,” state specific rental contracts, the check in and check out forms – tips and suggestions that they have gleaned from over 40 years in the rental insurance business. 

Contact MBA Insurance for more information.  800-622-2201

Link: MBA Insurance

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