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Trackem and WhereSafe GPS Announce Seasonal GPS Tracking Plans

Trackem and WhereSafe GPS providers are now providing customers with seasonal plan options.

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“For 16 years, we have been listening closely to what the market is asking for. Families or companies don’t want to pay for services that are not in use,” said Vince Poloniato, president at Solutions Into Motion that operates both Trackem and WhereSafe. “Thousands of our users use GPS for seasonal activities like RVing, cottaging, boating, ATVing, riding motorcycles and so on. Often it does not make sense for them to spend money on a service during their off months.”

This offering allows users to suspend services for four off months, of their choice. This system is perfect for seasonal business owners, such as landscapers, snow removal, farmers, among others. Plan suspensions still keep the GPS tracker alive, so the SIM chip and phone number stay active, and allows for asset recovery mode, in the case of off season theft. 


The seasonal plan will charge for eight months of regular service and four months of suspension service. The savings for seasonal users will be significant compared to paying regular monthly rates for twelve months. For consumers using WhereSafe GPS, savings will be 27% over the course of the year. Business users of Trackem Lite will benefit from 30% savings and Trackem Plus customers can save 38% annually. 

The seasonal plans will be pre-paid. Reactivation after the four off months is automated and only requires a customer confirmation through email. Seasonal plan activation is a one time thing, which does not require any customer action for future years’ service, unless they need to activate full year service.   


Plans include any of Trackem or WhereSafe GPS tracking hardware options from the in vehicle GPS modem, to magnetic rechargeable modem, to the small sport tracker and others. 

“It is our intention to offer our clients the best service at the best price. We can’t do that, if we are charging them for times of the year where they are not using our service. That is just not right,” said Poloniato.

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