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FIN GPS Recovers 2021 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Find It Now (FIN) GPS Security is pleased to announce the successful recovery of a 2021 Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

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While traveling from Orlando, Florida, to El Paso, Texas, the Harley motorcycle owners stopped overnight at a hotel in San Antonio, almost 1,200 miles from home. After realizing that their Harley was stolen early in the morning, they immediately contacted the Find It Now GPS theft recovery team to report their bike missing. They then contacted local authorities to report it stolen.

Leveraging the robust capabilities of the onboard FIN GPS security device, FIN theft recovery experts continuously monitored the heading, speed and location of the motorcycle, which ultimately stopped at a residence in San Antonio. The FIN device reported that is was parked under what appeared to be a carport-type covering in the back yard of the residence, undoubtedly in an attempt to conceal the Harley from easily being seen from the street. The FIN recovery team relayed the precise location to local police, who arrived to find the stolen motorcycle. Thanks to a great installation by Orlando Harley Davidson and the accurate tracking of FIN, the bike was safely and successfully recovered.


What started off as an enjoyable ride from Orlando to El Paso turned into a nightmare that could’ve ended in a huge loss had it not been for the FIN doing what it does best: “Protecting What Moves You.”

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