Using a Generic vs. Off-Road GPS

Instead of using a phone or standard GPS device, off-roaders should get a purpose-built one..

When you’re planning an off-road adventure, finding the right GPS device can make or break the excursion. However, not all GPS devices are created equal. Below are three reasons why using the right GPS unit is better than trying to use a cell phone or alternative GPS device.

Built and Trusted for the Outdoors

Off-road-purpose GPS devices are built to hold up in tough conditions. Unlike smartphones or other GPS provisions, the right off-road GPS device needs to be trusted to withstand extreme weather conditions, drops, falls and more. Whether you take your vehicle through a storm or through a rugged trail, being able to trust the durability of the device will give you peace of mind. 

In addition to being durable, trusting the trails and routes provided is also imperative. GPS devices for off-road vehicles provide detailed routes and guidance through unpaved roads and trails. In addition to accurate guidance, off-road purpose devices can provide topographic maps, updated boundaries of private and public land, satellite imagery and trail ratings that give users the ultimate trust in their adventures.  

No Unnecessary Interruptions  

While trusting the device and guidance a GPS device provides, riders can drive with even more peace of mind knowing they won’t be distracted by information that doesn’t pertain to their adventures. An off-road-purpose GPS device will only give notifications that are completely necessary. Riders don’t need to be distracted with reading notifications like text messages or taking phone calls when navigating off the beaten path.

Don’t Forget the Tech  

Although finding an accurate GPS that will guide riders on their journeys is important, finding one that can control their accessories can give them extra peace of mind. Accessories such as lights, speakers and cameras can all be controlled by a connected GPS device. Other features can also be controlled by a GPS device to add fun to the ride, such as sharing maps live with friends and even tracking dogs directly on the device. This ease of use not only makes controlling the vehicle easier, but it again adds more safety and less distractions.  

It’s important to consider the advantages of a GPS device for off-road vehicles. Whether a user’s focus is on durability, safety, extra technology or a mix of the three, there’s a GPS device for every off-road vehicle.  

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