I’d Rather Eat A June Bug Sandwich

The best thing about being in the motorcycle industry, at least for me, is absolutely my love and passion for motorcycles, and being able to make a living doing something I love. Ever since I was an ugly kid, I was nuts about motorcycles.

Selling The Job

Sell what the job and company have to offer. Let potential employees know about the opportunity, creativity, flexibility, great pay, a cool office, terrific benefits, working for the world’s greatest boss, etc. that await them. Don’t scribble a list on a napkin just before the deadline, either.

Are You Part Of The Community?

Most of us are in this industry because we enjoy riding, fixing, talking and dreaming about motorcycles. We like being around them. We like people that like being around them. We belong to the powersports community. Does your shop belong to the powersports community?

The Millennial Paradigm Has Shifted, Have You?

Millennials are going to be the first generation to replace the economic power of the baby boomers. So what does that mean to me as a motorcycle industry professional?

NPA, EFG Talk About Dealer Benefits of New CPO Program

EFG Companies and National Powersport Auctions (NPA) recently announced they have teamed up to launch a new Certified Pre-Owned Program designed specifically to grow powersports dealer business and drive loyalty through NPA auctions.

CVT Transmissions for ATVs

The continually variable transmission, or CVT, is a common component in the powersports industry. This is the transmission that has given scooters and snowmobiles the ability to be gas and go for decades. The CVT has also found a home in ATVs.

Lackluster Signals

The latest survey of powersports dealers indicates that January was slow for dealers across North America. It appears sales trends continued to be weak. Some key reasons cited for the decline include ongoing economic weakness throughout the oil patch.

Useful and Timely

The process of mating paper and ink is relatively easy. Our real focus is to provide useful and timely information and insight that benefits your business – build sales, increase profits, prepare for the future, enjoy success. And to bring that to you in a vital, interesting fashion.

Union Motorcycle Classics

Union Motorcycle Classics builds its redesigned classics in a real, 100-year-old barn in Nampa, Idaho where there is no dust anywhere in sight and nothing is hidden away under tarps. Instead, the “re-imagined” bikes in the barn are new, fresh, exciting and ready to roll!

Alternative Profit Centers

When somebody asks you what you do for a living, do you automatically answer that you are in the motorcycle business? We all tend to identify powersports dealers as “motorcycle” dealers… however there are a growing number of alternative profit centers.

Automotive Tappets: Too Good To Be True?

It was probably a result of guys who work on cars and bikes noticing that Chevy tappets look just like what they took out of their Harley-Davidson engine. There’s nothing like a little solid research to put the kibosh on something that sounds like a brilliant plan.

Polaris Plans to Win with Victory AND Indian

After unveiling the Octane and Stealth Victory motorcycles to dealers and the media, and the Hooligan Indian Scout Sixty, it is clear that Polaris is playing to win with both Indian and Victory this year.