Celebrity Status: Improving the Customer Experience & Follow-Up

In order to improve their customer outreach, Harley-Davidson of Glendale took steps to improve their customer service, starting behind the scenes with their management and sales team by adding new technology, specifically PSXDigital’s AI-powered customer experience management platform.

OEM Update: Indian On a Roll

The 2020 Challenger is the second new motorcycle unveiled by Indian in less than a year. This past spring, Indian announced the FTR 1200, a street legal version of Indian’s competition flattening FTR750 racer.

Shop Talk: You Say You Want a Resolution

How do you keep your dealership on track for the year you want to have, even though none of us can really predict what kind of year is ahead?

Zeigler Motorsports

It seemed fitting to speak with a dealer whose goal was to turn their dealership into a “destination” and as many dealers know, it all circles back to the experience.

Tech Tips: Transmission Shafts

Transmission shafts might not be something your shop sees every day but at some point, a vehicle will show up with problems related to the transmission. With a few basic principles and organization, they can be straightforward to service.

More Riders, Riding More: What Does It Mean for Me?

“More Riders, Riding More – The Ridership Session” outlined action plans for the developing industry-wide initiative. For dealers, one of the most popular questions that emerged from these presentations was, “what does this mean for me?”

Software and Technology: What Dealers Should Know Before Installation

For software to be able to live up to user expectations and value, the dealership needs to find a recipe for success. Dealers must be sure that the right people are trained and committed to using the software for it to work.

Wheel & Deal

When it comes to purchasing a powersports vehicle, protection is the most valuable asset in order to keep your client’s new addition in its original condition. As a dealer, we know you want to make sure your customers are equipped with the latest and greatest in terms of maintenance packages and service contracts.

Apparel Pro: High-Visibility Apparel

Motorcycles have long been modish icons, projecting an aura of being cool, hardcore, tough and even devil-may-care. Humans gravitate toward these feelings, as they seem to symbolize that ofttimes elusive feeling of freedom and escape from a rigid society. So, motorcycle riders, understandably, have an image they wish to protect.