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The Sit On

Use the “Sit On” to get the customer emotionally involved and experiencing feelings of ownership.


The secrets of the "Sit On" are now covered in the Quick Takes Performance Selling video series. Learn this technique and watch your sales soar.

Ashley Dailey
Advanced Cycles
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Ashley, thanks for taking the Quick Takes Performance Selling video about the "Sit On" and congratulations for making a 100% on the Quick Quiz. Please tell us, what is the Sit On?

The Sit On is the step in the sales process where we have the customer actually sit on the unit. Although this may seem basic, there is really a lot more to it than you may think.

Can you tell us what is the purpose of the Sit On?

The purpose of the Sit On is to give the customer that warm and fuzzy feeling of ownership. This step really taps into the customer’s emotions because once they are sitting on the unit, they begin to visualize the excitement of owning and riding the unit, which ultimately leads to an increased sales opportunity.


Is it difficult to get the customer to sit on the unit?

No, it’s actually pretty easy. Most customers already want to sit on the unit, so you really don’t even have to ask. However, because some customers may feel like they are imposing, or may be a little intimidated, it is important to understand the best process to get them to throw a leg over it.

Chalk Talk With Dr. Nikki

The Sit On

#1  The "Sit On" is a very important step in the sales process. This is when the customer gets emotionally involved and begins experiencing the feelings of owning and operating the unit.

#2  Never use permission questions like, "Would you like to have a seat on this?" This forces the customer to make a decision.

#3  If possible, roll the unit out into the aisle. This creates more space for the customer, less congestion and is much more inviting. It also makes the customer feel like everyone does it!

#4  Once the customer is sitting on the unit, it is a great time to begin creating the experience by asking post ownership questions like, "So where are you planning on riding?"


#5  When possible, sit on the unit next to them. This is a great way to imitate the camaraderie of a group ride.



What do you mean by "the best process to get them to throw a leg over it?"

If you handle the Sit On the wrong way, you can run into a roadblock. So, the first part of the process is to roll the unit out into the aisle away from the other units. This makes the customer feel more comfortable. Then, politely tell them to have a seat. If I were to ask, "Mr. Jones, would you like to sit on this?" I am forcing him to make a decision, and he may say no. So instead, I’m going to use an assumptive statement like, "Have a seat and see how it feels." This makes Mr. Jones feel more comfortable, and it also makes him feel like this is something that everyone does.


That makes sense, so what’s next?

It’s important to remember that when the customer is sitting on the unit it’s a great time to begin creating the experience of owning and operating the unit. You can begin asking post-ownership questions like, "who is the first person you want to show your new bike to?" You can also help them to visualizing going on their dream ride. You can even jump on the bike next to them and dream ride together.

Thanks for your time Ashley that was good information…

You’re welcome, Dr. Nikki!

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