Pedego Unveils 2024 Electric Bike Models

The models are the Moto, Cargo and Fate Tire Trike.

Pedego has unveiled the latest additions to its lineup of electric bikes. The three groundbreaking additions — Moto, Cargo and Fat Tire Trike — set a new standard in safety, quality, performance and innovation within the e-bike industry.

“This is officially the next generation of electric bicycles,” said Pedego CEO Brian Stech. “Built to exceed the industry’s highest standards, each bike is outfitted with cutting-edge technology available only to Pedego customers, offering riders industry-leading safety, increased range, numerous customization options and ultimately a superior riding experience for all.”

Moto – Dual Sport 

Moto is the ultimate dual-sport e-bike that reimagines the essence of adventure. Featuring front and rear suspensions for exceptional comfort on rough terrain, the Moto ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride wherever your wanderlust takes you. Whether you’re craving off-the-beaten-path exploration, beachside escapades, camping trips or daily commutes around town, the Moto is designed to take electric biking to new horizons.

Pedego Moto

Cargo – Sport Utility 

Cargo is the sport utility e-bike that redefines versatility on two wheels. Equipped with a suite of included accessories to transform it into your personalized sport utility powerhouse, this bike is the all-in-one solution for any task at hand. Whether you’re transporting the kids or carrying gear, this e-bike ensures you can take your important items anywhere you want.

Pedego Cargo

Fat Tire Trike – Transport 

The perfect solution for dependable, comfortable and effortless transportation, the Trike boasts three fat tires and a low step-through design, guaranteeing remarkable stability and offering an easy on-and-off experience. Perfect for riders of all levels, the fat tires contribute to a worry-free and smooth journey, while the low step-through ensures accessibility for all.

Fat Tire Trike
Pedego Fat Tire Trike

All three models are SGS/TUV Certified to the UL2849 and UL2271 safety standards. Each battery is potted with a revolutionary heat-absorbing resin that sets new industry standards. This innovative material protects the battery against corrosion and overheating by covering each cell and prevents the spread of thermal events if overheating should ever occur. The resin offers water resistance and significant protection against physical accidents like punctures or impact, ensuring enhanced safety and reliability. 

Each bike includes headlights with high/low beams and Pedego’s iconic, radiant taillight with brake light, running light and integrated turn signals for outstanding awareness and safety while riding.

In addition to a powerful 750-watt motor and premium components from brands like SRAM and Tektro, each model also comes equipped with a brilliant color LCD with ambient light sensor and USB-C charge port to charge other accessories a rider may want to use. Available with a variety of purpose-built accessories, Pedego offers you the freedom to choose the perfect electric bike for your individual needs and personal taste.

PEDALSENSE is Pedego’s proprietary propulsion software that delivers a signature elevated riding experience. With PEDALSENSE, Pedego continues to combine cutting-edge technology and customization options, setting a new standard for excellence in e-bike design and performance. PEDALSENSE offers riders the freedom to personalize their rides like never before. With the ability to choose between two customized pedal assist features, Cruise and Torque assist, riders can tailor their experiences to match their unique riding styles and preferences. Cruise assist seamlessly matches the rider’s pedaling speed, ensuring a smooth and effortless journey, while Torque assist provides an extra boost of power only when needed, amplifying the rider’s effort and enhancing efficiency and control.

Pedego has over 200 stores across North America that provide unparalleled local sales, service and support. Pedego offers consumers a five-year warranty that includes anti-theft protection and a lifetime frame warranty.

All three models are available starting today at your local Pedego store and online. The Moto and Cargo both retail for $3,995. The Fat Tire Trike is available in two configurations: the 10.5-amp-hour Trike retails for $3,495 while the 17.5-amp-hour Trike is available for $3,995. 

For complete technical specifications and more information on Pedego’s latest models of electric bikes, or to find your local authorized Pedego store, visit Pedego.com.

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