Cycle Trader Enhances Virtual Retailing Solutions for Dealers During COVID-19

Cycle Trader introduced a series of virtual retailing tools and services designed to enhance leads, streamline the lead management process and provide multiple channels for connecting with in-market consumers online.

PODCAST: The Importance of Practice

Every single day, dealers, managers and even salespeople use an excuse to avoid proper training. Except for one very exclusive group: top performers.

PSXDigital Offering Free Online Courses During COVID-19

Along with deferred billing for closed dealerships and new marketing packages, PSXDigital is offering online courses for free; not just for their dealer partners, but everyone in the industry.

Shop Talk: You Say You Want a Resolution

How do you keep your dealership on track for the year you want to have, even though none of us can really predict what kind of year is ahead?

Shop Talk: Outside Expert vs. Do It Yourself

Budgeting for an outside training program is a lot more than figuring out if you can pay the bill. Just like purchasing a lift for service or a remodel for the dealership, you have to be able to figure the long-term costs/savings/benefits to the entire transaction.

PODCAST: Outside Experts

John Furhman, senior trainer for Performance Road Agency, discusses how dealers can maximize their investment by bringing in an outside trainer into their dealership.

Cogent Audio Labs to Participate in Next Mobile Solutions Master Tech Subwoofer Bootcamp

Cogent Audio Labs announced that it will be participating in the next Mobile Solutions Master Tech Subwoofer Bootcamp, scheduled for July 27-30, at Mobile Solutions’ headquarters in Tempe, AZ.

Long Beach BMW Motorcycles: Training

The Long Beach, CA dealership is bringing together five different motorcycle training organizations for a single educational event to help riders in their community learn more about the rider training options available to them.

Shop Talk: 21st Century Selling

If you want a different outcome in anything, you have to make changes. If you want to increase sales, you have to change the way you sell.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show: Revving Up Consumer Interest Before Q2

Events like the Progressive International Motorcycle Show are aimed at getting the general public to think about getting back on the road, dirt, mud, sand or water.

Shop Talk: Is Your Trainer King Kong?

If your dealership needs new sales people hired, and you bring in a training company who requires the student to pay, what can you expect for results?

Honda Safety Institute Receives European Training Quality Label Award

The center was created in 2009 to provide motorcycle safety training courses and is located in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, close to Barcelona’s metropolitan area.