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PODCAST: The Importance of Practice

In movies, actors rehearse for hours, days and longer to make the part they play believable and most important, natural. A great actor becomes the character. Yet salespeople lack that desire to be natural. Instead, they make up a new definition of what natural is. Natural to many means; the ability to do it their way.

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Think about this: Oscar, Emmy, Tony award-winning performers are great at their craft. They have the ability to carry the audience with them on the journey that is the story. Imagine if they were salespeople hired to be the cast. 

As each salesperson received their script, they’d look at it, put it down and when the director shouted action, they would go and do whatever they felt like doing or saying. When asked why they didn’t deliver the lines in the script, salespeople would say, “I didn’t want to sound canned, so I just did it my way.” Sounds incredibly stupid, doesn’t it?


Yet every single day, dealers, managers and even salespeople use that very excuse to avoid proper training. Except for one very exclusive group: top performers.

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