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PODCAST: Outside Experts

John Furhman, senior trainer for Performance Road Agency, discusses how dealers can maximize their investment by bringing in an outside trainer into their dealership.


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When my kids were young, I got some great advice: “If you need your kids to do something, have your neighbor tell them.” And, you know what, it actually worked. Now they are grown and gone on to their own successes, that hasn’t changed. If you’re honest about your sales team, that same rule applies. This is the biggest benefit to bringing in an outside expert. An outsider’s credibility is always higher. But, so is the cost.

Budgeting for an outside training program is a lot more than figuring out if you can pay the bill. Just like purchasing a lift for service or a remodel for the dealership, you have to be able to figure the long-term costs/savings/benefits to the entire transaction. Doing this will not only justify the cost, but more importantly, keep you and your team on track to generate the desired return on investment.

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