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On the Road with Brands That Shine: Going Home

After 15 months on the road, more than 18,000 miles and 42 states, I’m back home.

As I sit here in Boise, Idaho, during the Western Power Sports (WPS) sales meeting, I am blown away at how quickly this trip has gone by. Today marks 15 months and 10 days, and the White Whale will be parked at our home in Washington for the first time next week. If this trip has taught us anything, it’s that the dealers and the road reps really have enjoyed the support from the brands. And that there are some amazing places to see in this country.

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Daytona Bike Week at the Tucker truck

Since February, we made our way back to Florida for Daytona Bike Week, which was proof in itself that bikers were ready to get out and connect again. Getting to catch up with all our friends in the warm sunshine. Helping the lovely Marilyn Stemp with the Flying Pistons benefit breakfast again.

Flying Pistons

If you missed it in Daytona, make sure to come see us in Sturgis at the Chip on Aug. 7. All the cool kids (and bike builders) will be there, and we’re still taking sponsors and donations! We also caught up with Jeff and Maggie as they prepared for their own V-Twin Visionary Tour!

V-Twin Visionary Tour

We left Daytona with a slightly larger family as we found an abandoned kitten in a hole, so we adopted him. Many have met the most famous kitten in Daytona, but if you have not already, welcome “Flea” to the family.

April took us back across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and into Texas for about a month, and we were barely able to scratch the surface! Texas is always a busy time with the “Purple Peanut” making its debut at 4900 Alliance Gateway for Tucker Inside training, dealer visits and a break for MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) and the Handbuilt show. We also finalized adding SBS Brakes, R&G Crash Protection, Bobster/Zan Headgear and Rambo E-Bikes to the list of brands that shine.

Handbuilt Show

After a pretty hurried drive through New Mexico and Arizona, we were able to stop for a side trip in Sedona. Of course, I had to visit every ATV rental agency while there, but I also got to spend a few days “unplugging” for the first time since I started this business — I highly recommend it.

In May, I spent my 43rd trip around the sun sandwiched near Salt Lake City (Utah Lake) between Monster Energy Supercross Championships and Bagger Racing League. Awesome dealer visits, including a very informative tour of Rocky Mountain ATV. What a surprisingly cool trip! After all that fun was had, it was time to make the trek up to Boise during the National Sales Meeting, which is where I started this column.

Today, I sign off back home, where Moby the “White Whale” has met his 42nd state and over 18,000-mile journey. After a short break and preparing to go back to regular airplane travel, I want to thank all the manufacturers, distributor reps and friends who have opened their homes, driveways and parking lots to the 55’-foot 15-ton home that I have been working from. I hope it has been informative and entertaining along the journey, and I look forward to sharing the next support tour with you all!

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