Suggestive Selling

Related add-ons improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Adding Up Add-Ons:

A Total of $225,000!
A $10 increase can make
a big difference.

Average Invoice = $45
(X) Per Day = 75
(X) Days per year = 300
Total = $1,012,500
Average Invoice = $55
(X) Per Day = 75
(X) Days per year = 300
Total = $1,237,500

Mike Butler, MotoSports, Honda

Mike, we noticed you achieved a 100 test score on the Suggestive Selling Online Course. Congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit about what you learned?

Thanks! The first thing that comes to mind is doing a product presentation, the difference between features and benefits, and to reiterate benefits when someone has a price objection. This is where 80% of the decision to buy is made.

Why is it so important to call customers by their name, Mike?

It shows you’re taking the time to get to know them, that you’re listening and trying to earn their trust. I try to remember and use their name the next time they come in. That really makes a difference.

What did you learn about the different types of questions?

I’ve heard about using open-ended questions, but I had never heard of either/or questions before. They really make sense … it’s easier for a customer to answer a question when you give the answers to choose from. Especially when you’re asking for the sale!

Chalk Talk With Dr. Nikki

#1  Features describe what it is. Benefits explain what it does for the customer. Up to 80% of the buying decision is made during the presentation.

#2  Build rapport with your customers by calling them by name and finding common ground. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

#3  Investigate customer wants and needs using open-ended and either/or questions. Either/or questions make it easier for customers to make decisions and open-ended questions get customers talking.

#4  Ask for the sale! 93% of retail businesses don’t do this!

#5  Suggest related add-ons. related add-ons improve sales and customer satisfaction.


That’s a great point! The University of Wisconsin did a 10-year study and found that 93% of retail customers are not asked to buy something. Have you ever heard that before?

I’ve never heard that before. There were a couple different examples of asking for the sale that struck me in the online lesson. My favorites are the "Itemize Close" and the "Puppy Dog Close."

Pop quiz time: what are related add-ons?

Parts or accessories that are related to something the customer is already buying. For example, If a customer buys a new exhaust system, suggest a power commander and exhaust gaskets. Also, suggest maintenance items like oil, a filter, a drain plug washer and spray cleaner. If you’re working on your bike anyway, just go ahead and change the oil.

Mike, thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

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