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Are Full Synthetics The Hot Ticket?

Biker’s Choice

This premium engine oil from Biker’s Choice was specially formulated to protect American V-Twin motorcycle engines operating under extreme conditions. A special additive package extends engine life and boosts performance by allowing the engine to run cooler while the oil itself protects against corrosion, sludge and varnish build-up. It also meets or exceeds all manufacturer’s warranty criteria and will not void a new vehicle warranty. A choice of 50W, 60W, 20W50 and 25W60 weights are all available.

Blue Marble

Blue Marble says its secret weapon, found in all Blue Marble products, is their proprietary technology which is capable of transforming any internal combustion engine by actually treating the metal and increasing the combustion efficiency. This patented technology creates a surface conversion on the metal components it comes in contact with using inorganic polymer complexes. "These complexes smooth and passivate the metal surfaces and reduce oxygen reactivity, resulting in a reduction of friction and higher oxidation resistance. Once the surface conversion occurs, it improves the overall performance of your engine, reducing wear and improving power and fuel economy," claims the company.

Drag Specialties

In addition to their lube line, Drag Specialties offers a fuel stabilizer that has been designed to prevent fuel breakdown, fuel-system corrosion and gum and varnish formulation on carbureted and fuel injected engines. The fuel stabilizer will also keep fuel fresh when a bike is in storage. Drag says it works well with all 2- and 4-stroke engines and can be used in bikes with or without catalytic converters.


Kal Gard 30/30 is a perfect addition to any workshop or toolbox. This all-purpose lubricant is clean and safe to use, and is non-flammable. They say one spray will do it all! You can use it anywhere reduction of friction is desired such as on threaded parts, cutting tools, switches and connections, hinges, levers and more. Great for the shop and even better to stock in your shop.


If your customer wants to run what the pros use, hook him up with Maxima’s 530MX "Pro Series" — a 100% ester-based synthetic 4-cycle oil. This oil is used and endorsed by Pro Circuit and several other top factory teams, offering up more horsepower, increased torque and excellent clutch feel. Advanced additives ensure the ultimate in protection for critical engine, transmission and clutch components, while high temperature detergents keep engines running clean and trouble-free.


Calling all oil-heads: renowned BMW builder AC Schnitzer pitched in to develop the new Motorex Boxer 4T 10W/40 synthetic performance engine oil specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the Boxer air/oil-cooled engines with separate engine and gearbox lubrication. Its most notable benefits are that it improves fuel efficiency and reduces oil consumption. The Motorex Boxer 4T oil also meets the requirements for all BMW engines and complies with the API SG and JASO MA standards. The oil is available in 1-, 4-, and 25-liter sizes. As a special POP attraction, all Motorex 1-liter oil packages have an integral spout, allowing the user to pour the oil into most bikes without a funnel.


Panolin rolled out two world premiere biodegradable high-performance engine oils at the EICMA show in Milan: Panolin Off-Road 4T Bio Race and Panolin Street 4T Bio Race oils. While the biodegradability of both these products complies with OECD 301B, Panolin has ensured that performance does not suffer as a result. Using the best fully-synthetic base oils and selected additives, the Swiss-based Panolin development team has created a pair of eco-friendly fromulations.


Rest assured that you won’t find Redline’s new motorcycle-specific premium oil at your local automart. This one is an industry exclusive that has a different additive package than their other oils, and is labeled specifically as a motorcycle product. This Redline first is available from fine folks over at K&L Supply.


Whether on the race track or taking it to the streets, Repsol provides riders guaranteed reliability. Repsol’s 4T Synthetic is a synthetic blend lubricant with high thermal stability that was designed to meet the needs of the most technologically advanced 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It has excellent starting and lubrication in cold conditions due to its low viscosity, and it meets JASO MA API SJ requirements. The Repsol 4T Synthetic starts at $7.95 and can be found among Motorcycle Stuff’s long list of offerings.

Rock Oil

Following solid test results in Dirt Rider magazine, Rock Oil has unveiled a revamp and repack of their test-winning Synthetic Water Washable Air Filter Fluid. More than a looks-only makeover, the product itself has undergone some internal changes to make this proven winner even better.

Spectro Oils Of America

Spectro combined select Group IV PAO base synthetics with optimum additive packages to provide owners of Harley’s new 6-speed transmission-equipped bikes with the ultimate lubrication protection. Spectro Heavy Duty 6-Speed Platinum is formulated to significantly reduce gear noise and provide easier, smoother shifting. The SAE 75w140 formulation eases shifting when cold. Spectro adds that high loads and extreme heat do not affect this oil, so it performs well when pushed hard and long.


Silkolene’s Semi-Synthetic Comp-Gear ester-technology based, 2-stroke gear oil was developed primarily for competitive off-road bikes, but it is suitable for 2-stroke sportbikes like the Aprilia with combined gearbox and clutch lubrication. The oil is formulated for use with aluminum or steel clutch plates, to reduce oil contamination from less clutch and gear wear. This gear oil is also said to eliminate clutch drag and improve clutch and gear operation.

Top One Oils

The slick team over at Top One Oils is fast becoming a major contender in the market. They are heavily involved in all areas of competition, and they’ve even got Kenny Roberts Jr. on board! The go-fast Top One team has achieved a top speed of over 340mph at Bonneville with the Ack Attack Streamliner, and has sponsored Moto GP champ Casey Stoner. The company has a full line of synthetic and blended motor oils in addition to gear lubes, which all feature a generous profit structure for dealers. Call on K&L Supply for more details.

Twin Power

Almost as good as a night out with those Doublemint dream girls, the Twin Power Multigrade SAE 20W50 is a superior mineral-based multigrade oil with excellent wear and friction-reducing properties. It resists shear-down and "stays in grade", maintaining engine cleanliness and reliability even under the most stressful conditions. The oil meets or exceeds manufacturer’s requirements as well as API-SH/SG/CD/CF standards and is available exclusively from your favorite TR rep.


The engine pros over at Ultima have slid into the oil game with their Ultima Oil line. This slick stuff is fully synthetic and olefin-ester based and has been specially formulated to provide extra protection in all 4-Stroke V-Twin engines after break-in and for the life of a performance engine. This oil maximizes power transfer, provides critical protection against ring wear and piston scuffing and offers enhanced thermal stability, exceptional wear protection and resistance to sludge and varnish formation. The Ultima team says the new oils will work equally as well in roller or shell bearing engines and will also reduce oil temperature by as much as 20 degrees for horsepower gains.


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