OEM Update: Can-Am

Covering all the new vehicle models on two, three and four wheels.

Can-Am, a renowned name in the powersports industry, has been making waves with its 2024 vehicle offerings. With a rich history spanning 50 years, the brand has undergone remarkable transformations, adapting to changing consumer demands and industry trends.

Can-Am’s journey began five decades ago in 1973 with motorcycles, quickly gaining recognition through the motocross and endurance racing worlds. This early experience laid the foundation for Can-Am’s enduring philosophy: “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday,” as Sandy Scullion, president of parent company Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) puts it. Over the years, the brand’s product lineup has expanded significantly, evolving to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

Off-Road and Off the Charts

In 2006, BRP took a bold step by rebranding its ATV lineup as “Can-Am,” a move that marked the beginning of an incredible journey and what the brand is known for today. From the introduction of ATVs, Can-Am ventured into three-wheelers, side-by-sides and other off-road units. Today, the brand boasts a solid global presence, sitting towards the top ranks in the powersports industry.

Recently, Can-Am announced its 2024 offerings, including a number of new and exciting models for powersports dealers and enthusiasts to get excited for.

Can-Am’s latest offering, the Maverick R, has been generating significant buzz in the off-road community. While some may wonder if consumers were simply asking for more power, the Maverick R is about more than just raw horsepower. It embodies Can-Am’s philosophy of making no compromises.

Maverick R
Can-Am Maverick R

“This is a top-of-the-food-chain side-by-side,” Scullion says. “It’s not only about the power — although it is significant with 240 horsepower — but also the dual clutch transmission (DCT), suspension and electronics. It’s an engineering marvel that we’re super proud of.”

The Maverick R employs an optimized air intake design for easy maintenance and next-level performance. Dual fuel injectors feed each of the three cylinders, while the industry’s first electronically controlled wastegate regulates the turbocharger’s boost pressure, maximizing performance throughout the R no matter the conditions.

Smart-Shox, the newest Fox Live Valve Gen 3 technology coupled with Fox 2.5 PODIUM and 3.0 PODIUM shocks, keeps the Maverick R smoothly tracking across the most treacherous of desert chop. Thanks to Fox’s patented electronic main post and base valve, the Maverick R has six times greater compression tuning range than any other vehicle on the market.

“We get input from many different channels when it comes to product development,” Scullion states. “There are technical committees that are created from our dealer network, experts, racers, etc., so our engineering team behind these projects understand what is required to make no compromises.”

With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences for enthusiasts and riders of all levels, the Maverick, Commander and Defender side-by-side lineups have been expanded for the 2024 model year.

Can-Am Commander X3
Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX X rc Turbo RR

The Maverick X3 MAX X rc Turbo RR is the industry’s first four-seat, rock crawling side-by-side. It boasts a 200-horsepower Rotax ACE 900cc turbocharged engine, a 22-inch suspension travel for both front and rear, and 32-inch Maxxis Liberty tires on 15-inch aluminum beadlocked wheels. Packed with front bumpers, underbody protection and a powerful 4,500-pound winch, it’s ready for off-road adventures right off the showroom floor. The Maverick X3 RS Turbo adds affordability to the equation, offering a 135-horsepower engine, Smart-Lok differential and value-packed performance for entry-level enthusiasts.

New in the Commander lineup is the MAX DPS 700 and MAX XT 700, marking the industry’s first mid-horsepower four-seat side-by-sides with a full-size cargo dump box. Powered by a 52-horsepower Rotax ACE 650cc engine, these models offer 12.5-inch front and 13-inch rear suspension travel, ensuring riders can tackle a variety of terrains while getting work done or having fun. The Commander MAX DPS 700 focuses on comfort and utility with features like Dynamic Power Steering, selectable engine modes and a 4.5-inch digital display, while the Commander MAX XT 700 adds sporty elements like a winch, sport roof and LED lighting.

The 64-inch Commander MAX X mr 1000R packs a punch with a 100-horsepower Rotax 976cc naturally aspirated engine; 14 inches of suspension travel; and mud-ready features, such as an intake snorkel kit, high-positioned 4,500-pound winch and fender flares to keep the fun clean.

The Defender lineup expands with the introduction of the Defender XT HD7, featuring a dependable 52-horsepower Rotax ACE 650cc engine. This workhorse is equipped with practical amenities, including a bolstered bench seat, HMWPE full skid plate, 4,500-pound winch, XT front bumper and a full hard roof, making it the perfect companion for a range of tasks.

Triple the Fun with 3 Wheels

On the three-wheel front, Can-Am continued to make its vehicles accessible and convenient for riders — an important part of their three-wheel philosophy from the get-go.

“We always have news for every product category, and this year, the big news was about the 10.25-inch screen we now have on the Spyder F3 and RT models,” Scullion notes.

Spyder F3-S
Can-Am Spyder F3

The models will now feature an all-new 10.25-inch color touchscreen with Apple CarPlay. This technology will be woven into the existing BRP Connect platform and will allow iPhone users to use Apple CarPlay and all its compatible apps. The Spyder F3 models will all receive updated LED headlights, providing more visibility when the sun goes down.

Apple CarPlay

As for visual enhancement, Spyder and Ryker models will also feature different colorways, wheels, grills, etc. depending on model.

Bringing Back Motorcycles

Early last year, Can-Am surprised the powersports industry by announcing it would be returning to the two-wheeled segment 50 years later. The two models, the Origin and the Pulse, will both feature electric power.

“The two-wheel business has always been in our mind, but going in electric is our way of going in big. Being electric, it opens the aperture for beginners in this category, as they will be friendly and easy to use — not only in terms of the no clutch and load maintenance, but also in terms of the user friendliness and interface with the gauges,” Scullion notes.

These electric bikes are set to launch in mid-2024, marking Can-Am’s return to the motorcycle market. While detailed specifications for the Origin and Pulse have not yet been disclosed, the company has showcased images of these futuristic-looking models.

Can-Am Origin

Both models will be powered by BRP’s proprietary Rotax E-Power technology, promising impressive speeds, ample horsepower and torque suitable for highway use. They share key design elements, such as distinctive LED headlights, large TFT displays, unique bodywork in white and gray with a yellow panel covering their battery packs, inverted forks, single-sided swingarms and single-disc brakes. The Can-Am Origin, designed as a dual-sport bike, features rally-style bodywork, fork guards and spoked wheels, while the Can-Am Pulse boasts a streetfighter look with cast wheels and a sculpted tank.

Can-Am Pulse
Can-Am Pulse

BRP emphasizes that these electric motorcycles will incorporate state-of-the-art technology and provide a connected riding experience. They will feature an on-board charger for rapid charging, making them convenient for both home charging and standard Level 2 automotive charging stations. Rotax E-Power technology will play a central role in all of BRP’s electric models across various product lines.

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