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Can Am Maverick X3

Ride of the Week

Custom Can-Am Maverick X3

The UTV market has seen a slow, but noticeable upward progression in powersports since the phenomenon first exploded in the early 2000s. Much of a UTV’s popularity stems from distinct advantages over other 4-wheeled off-road vehicles. 

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They have a small footprint with great power to weight ratio, can carry passengers, which families enjoy, and provide more safety features than vehicles like ATVs. With new technologies and innovations being created around the clock, the line between utility and performance recreation is constantly getting slimmer. 

Manufacturers like Honda, Polaris and Can-Am are making their production models faster, grippier, and in turn, a hell of a lot more fun to speed through the dirt, sand, or mud! But that doesn’t mean inventive minds aren’t working to upgrade these machines even farther than their factory form. 

Sin City Xtreme Performance is just one of the many businesses specializing in UTV customization. The Las Vegas-based shop, an extension of Sin City Diesel and Off-Road, opened its doors recently and immediately got to work.


The shop provides customization from the bottom up, including wheels, tires, suspension, front end arms, bumpers, cages, frame rebuilds, and engine work. A few projects have already been completed, and the team at Xtreme is currently working on a build that will be finished soon that UTV specialist Rafael Carminati says will be “the baddest Can-Am you’ve seen in your life.”

The UTV is a Can-Am Maverick X3, the manufacturer’s top of the line, most expensive model. The stock X3 produces around 200 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 90 mph. 

“It’s our shop vehicle so we wanted the best of the best,” Carminati said.  

Currently, the X3 has an Evolution Power Sports tune that allows it to produce 225 horsepower. That number will change in the coming weeks, as the team is upgrading to a Stage 5 tune with a turbo kit. After tweaking a few other components, the engine is predicted to produce 315-400 horsepower.

The stock X3 clutch was replaced as it can’t easily change engagement RPMs or adjust shift RPM for different conditions. Any high horsepower clutching and crankshaft problems were fixed by adding a KWI x TAPP two-stage clutch with a float mod that prevents the stock X3 primary clutch governor cup from slipping under high horsepower.

Arguably the most interesting part of Sin City Xtreme Performance’s Can-Am X3 build is its one-of-a-kind prototype air-suspension system from Kelderman

“It’s basically an airbag shock all-in-one, so you get that wow factor of being able to slam it to the ground and go drift the street with it, then air it up and still be able to haul ass through the dessert,” Carminati said. “It’s never really been done before on a Can-Am, so it’s definitely pretty cool.”

The UTV also features Assault Industries F-22 doors and mirrors, a full in-house built TIG welded 1.75” race-inspired chromoly cage and chromoly front and rear bumpers, and a wrap done in-house as well.

The UTV performed admirably a few days ago at the 2022 King of the Hammers desert race, despite a broken OEM knuckle. The custom Can-Am Maverick X3 is still in the testing phase, but the team at Sin City Xtreme Performance have nearly ironed out all the kinks.

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