Introducing the All-New Proven Off-Road Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000

All-new versatile and compact-feeling Wolverine X2 1000 with extreme durability and value.

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA expands its Proven Off-Road lineup of recreational side-by-sides (SxS) with the launch of the all-new Wolverine X2 1000. Designed to embody the power and performance of Yamaha’s flagship Wolverine RMAX 1000 lineup, the Wolverine X2 1000 offers exceptional capability, comfort, and confidence within a compact and value-packed machine.

Inspired by the success of the Wolverine X2, the new Wolverine X2 1000 blends a range of enhancements, derived from both the 850 platform and premium RMAX 1000 series. Key upgrades include a 999cc twin-cylinder engine, a premium automotive-style interior, switch prewiring for the optional Yamaha D-Mode technology, fully adjustable suspension and 28-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires mounted on all-new tuning-fork inspired aluminum wheels.

“The all-new Wolverine X2 1000 is a superior value, providing the perfect combination of power and performance in a compact and nimble chassis that excels in a variety of terrain,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha motorsports group marketing manager. “This new model slots right into the Yamaha lineup between the Wolverine RMAX2 1000 and the Wolverine X2, expanding customers’ options to choose one of the most versatile, reliable and affordable side-by-sides on the trail.”

Key Features of the All-New Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000

  • Powerful and torquey RMAX 1000-derived 999-cc dual-overhead camshaft (DOHC), eight-valve, parallel-twin engine
  • All-new RMAX 1000-inspired interior features include a value-packed automotive design, premium soft touchpoints, LED interior lights, accessory switch and speaker cutouts and center console storage.
  • All-new 28-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires in a “square” setup, mounted on all-new 14-inch aluminum wheels inspired by Yamaha’s iconic tuning fork design
  • The all-new suspension design features adjustable piggyback shocks with high/low speed compression and preload adjustment, offering 13.3 inches of front- and 15.5 inches of rear-wheel travel. It also includes new front and rear sway bars for premium articulation and maximum comfort.
  • Optional RMAX 1000-derived D-Mode can be added as an easily installed accessory, providing three optimized power delivery settings (Crawl, Trail and Sport) to match the terrain and driver mindset.
  • Yamaha’s Ultramatic Automatic Transmission delivers power with legendary durability and reliability, backed by an unprecedented and industry-exclusive 10-Year Belt Warranty.
  • On-Command system with two-wheel drive (2WD), four-wheel drive (4WD) limited slip and four-wheel drive full differential lock for consistent performance.
  • Yamaha’s torque- and speed-sensitive electric power steering (EPS) provides smooth and consistent feedback to maximize off-road capability and optimize handling.
  • Work-ready chassis with a 600-pound capacity dump bed.

Maximum Capability in a Compact Package

The all-new 2024 Wolverine X2 1000 takes the compact and nimble platform of the Wolverine X2 and introduces a powerful RMAX 1000-derived 999-cc DOHC, eight-valve, parallel-twin engine with an aggressive 8,500 rpm redline. Capable of speeds nearing 70 mph, the Wolverine X2 1000 is equipped with Yamaha’s REAL World Tech YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Throttle), delivering smooth and linear throttle response.

With Yamaha Genuine Accessory integration, the full power of the Wolverine’s engine and YCC-T technology can be fully optimized with an optional Yamaha D-Mode accessory switch. D-Mode offers three power delivery settings to match the terrain and driver mindset at the turn of a dial:

  • Trail Mode: Smooth acceleration, linear throttle response and full engine braking for a fun, relaxed ride
  • Sport Mode: Powerful acceleration, quick throttle-response and smooth engine-braking for a sportier experience on wide-open trails, dunes and more
  • Crawl Mode: Smooth acceleration, moderate throttle response and full engine-braking to methodically traverse technical situations, such as rock crawling or mud sections, with ease.

With its compact chassis, the Wolverine X2 1000 has an optimized wheelbase for predictable handling and terrainability. Boasting 12.5 inches of ground clearance and an 83.7-inch wheelbase, this Wolverine is ready to tackle everything from tight to wide open trails. When put to work and loaded down in its 600-pound capacity cargo bed, the Wolverine X2 1000 delivers superior handling compared to the competition.

Premium Comfort at a Great Value

Inspired by the premium automotive-style comfort-focused interior of the Wolverine RMAX 1000, the all-new Wolverine X2 1000 brings many of the same premium features for ultimate value and comfort beyond competitors’ hard plastic interiors. Enhanced touchpoints include new RMAX 1000-inspired throttle and brake pedals, soft padding for hands and knees, a rubber over-molded steering wheel with 17-degrees of tilt adjustment, a six-way adjustable seatbelt and center console storage.

Premium controls have been integrated into the dash and center-console for a natural, automotive feel, including a blue backlit LED dash meter, sealed console and glove boxes, an open-gate shifter, a soft-touch parking brake lever, two cupholders and LED interior floor and center-console lighting. The cabin can also be easily outfitted with a variety of Yamaha Genuine Accessories thanks to new accessory switch and door speaker cutouts.

Maximizing Proven Off-Road comfort and reducing pinch-flats, the Wolverine X2 1000 features new 28-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires in a “square” setup (same size front and rear), mounted on all-new 14-inch aluminum wheels inspired by Yamaha’s iconic tuning fork design. An all-new suspension design features trail-ready adjustable piggyback shocks with high/low speed compression and preload adjustment, providing 13.3 inches of front and 15.5 inches of rear wheel travel, along with new front and rear sway bars for premium articulation and comfort.

Proven Off-Road Confidence

The Wolverine X2 1000 is confidence-inspiring and designed to deliver exceptional performance in off-road environments. With its low-sloped hood, narrow dash, and low shoulder and dash height, the Wolverine X2 1000 offers best-in-class visibility, allowing drivers to navigate tight trails and tackle technical situations with ease.

Equipped with Yamaha’s renowned On-Command system, the Wolverine X2 1000 provides drivers with the flexibility to choose between 2WD, 4WD limited slip and 4WD full differential lock at the turn of a dial. This ensures consistent 4WD performance across a wide range of challenging terrains. Furthermore, the Yamaha torque- and speed-sensitive EPS optimizes handling, delivering the best balance of smooth and precise feedback to enhance the overall off-road experience. Owners can also drive with confidence, thanks to the durability and reliability of Yamaha’s Ultramatic automatic transmission, which is backed by the unprecedented Yamaha 10-Year Belt Warranty.

Availability and Yamaha Genuine Accessories

The 2024 Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 is now available at Yamaha dealers nationwide. The R-Spec trim in White and Armor Gray starts at a $17,999 MSRP, while the XT-R Edition, featuring new Titan and Tactical Black painted bodywork with a color-matched interior, a suntop, a rear-view center-mounted mirror and a factory-installed WARN VRX 4,500-pound winch, starts at a $19,999 MSRP.

To further enhance the Wolverine X2 1000’s capabilities, a comprehensive selection of Yamaha Genuine Accessories are available at YamahaMotorsports.com. These factory-designed, -tested and -approved accessories include windshields, rearview mirrors, brush guards, hard cab-enclosure systems with lockable doors, and more, enabling owners to tailor their Wolverine X2 1000 to their specific needs and preferences.

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