BRP Adds 2 More Electric Models to Ski-Doo, Lynx 2025 Snowmobile Lineup

The electric models are available to more commercial users and consumers.

BRP Inc. has released its Ski-Doo and Lynx lineups for 2025. This year, BRP also adds two new electric models available to more commercial users, such as ski centers and recreational resorts, as well as consumers to play around their cabins. These new models are designed for more traction and flotation in loose snow.

Ski-Doo Adds New Suspension and Sharpens Focus for Every Ride

For 2025, Ski-Doo introduces the RAS RX front suspension for most MXZ models and one Backcountry that features industry-leading bump capacity plus even more stable and predictable cornering, courtesy of lessons learned in racing. Spring editions also get the new Pilot RX ski. The trail version of the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R featuring an industry-first water injection system will now be available in the Backcountry crossover segment, along with a wide ski stance option that now provides winter explorers more stability on trails and even more choices to find their perfect rides.

Ski-Doo is also further refining its deep snow line up as the top three models, the Summit X, Summit X with Expert package and Freeride, get more specialized to better meet rider needs for their chosen style of riding. The Summit X continues to be the lightweight ride with the most agility and adds more lightweight components, while the X with Expert Package adds suspension capacity with KYB Pro front shocks for those seeking the most technical riding terrain. The Freeride continues to add more control at higher speeds and in rough conditions with a rack steering system. In addition, the Summit Neo mid-size models add power to better match the high elevation and deep snow conditions where most are ridden.

“The Ski-Doo product lineup truly offers something for any winter adventurer. The hard-core riders will really appreciate the new RAS RX front suspension, the crossover fans will get more choices to find a perfect ride and the deep snow crowd keeps seeing improvements, even in the smallest models,” said Jérémi Doyon-Roch, director, global brand strategy, Ski-Doo, Lynx and Sea-Doo. “All that performance and those features are great, but riders also get the reliability, durability and ease of use that Ski-Doo is famous for, which shows how well our team understands and wants to make our customers’ experiences better every single ride.”

Ski-Doo is also pleased to continue offering the MXZ 120 and 200, along with the MXZ and Summit Neo models, making it easier for anyone and everyone to get in on the fun of riding a snowmobile.

For more details about the 2025 Ski-Doo snowmobile models, including full specs and technical information, visit ski-doo.com.

Lynx Celebrates With Anniversary Edition, Adds Brutal RE, Further Expands the Radien2 Platform and Adds Value With 49 and 59 Ranger Packages

The Rave GLS 40th Anniversary Edition celebrates 40 years of Lynx trail performance and racing snowmobiles that have led European snocross ever since their introduction. The livery is a salute to the heritage, but everything else purely offers one of the highest performance attainable — and it starts with the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R with water injection as its powerplant, matched with the PPS3 rear suspension, LFS front suspension and Kashima coated KYB Pro 46 HLCR shocks straight from the race track. The Brutal becomes a standalone model and adds an RE edition that takes its “conquer any terrain” attitude to new levels of snow-crushing ability with the benefit of both a two-stroke and four-stroke engine choice. The 49 and 59 Ranger models for the Scandinavian market bring renewed value to the utility segment while more models in other segments move to the Radien2 platform with its powerful LED lighting, fresh look and connectivity options.

“At Lynx, we’re built tough because our riders are tough — we make snowmobiles that allow them to continually push their limits and break through to new levels,” declared Doyon-Roch. “Our new 2025 Rave GLS and Brutal RE models are proof of taking terrain-conquering performance to new heights with their uncompromising design and features. All Lynx sleds have that attitude, and it makes our sleds one of the best snowmobiles to overcome whatever winter throws at us.”

Models available in North America include the Rave RE and Xterrain RE 850 E-TEC with the new Radien2 platform, the Xterrain 900 ACE Turbo R and the Shredder series (including the DS). Also new in the Shredder offerings will be a Shredder RE 3700 850 E-TEC Turbo R and select RE models in a black coloration. For more details, visit BRPlynx.com

The Connected Experience Gets Even Better

For both Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, the experience for consumers selecting the optional 10.25-inch touchscreen display gets easier and better with built-in GPS and embedded maps, where they can now access many functions without the need to connect a phone. Functionality like bread crumb paths, compass and vehicle direction are included, as well as unique new features for the expanded Vibe communication system, which expands to now fit in all helmets for 2025. Consumers can also download the BRP GO! application to access advanced navigation features and benefit from continuous updates that allow them to make the most out of their rides.

Ski-Doo and Lynx Add 2 Electric Snowmobiles

In 2024, BRP introduced its first-ever electric snowmobiles with the Ski-Doo Grand Touring Electric model and the Lynx Adventure Electric model, both purpose-built for Uncharted Society experience outfitters and tour operators. In 2025, BRP is very pleased to offer two new electric models, the Ski-Doo Expedition Electric and another Lynx Adventure Electric*, designed for more multi-use applications. These two new models have been designed specially to move personnel around in ski centers, resorts and areas where small distances are traveled, or even around the cabin just to have fun!

All four electric snowmobiles now offered by BRP and powered by proprietary Rotax E-Power technology feature a very quiet and efficient drivetrain, are much lighter than currently available electric snowmobiles on the market, and display unequaled fit and finish. These benefits boost the customer experience and provide great value to commercial operators or any owner. The differences between the electric models are in the track length. The tracks on models introduced last year are shorter, allowing maximum range on groomed trails, while the new 2025 models offer wider, longer tracks for better flotation and traction in loose snow, as well as greater versatility.

Additionally, these units include many of the comfort features and riding amenities of the gas-powered models. 

BRP is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of its products while creating new ways to move people so that their experience can be measured in emotions. The Ski-Doo Grand Touring Electric, Expedition Electric and Lynx Adventure Electric* allow riders to discover the spectacular winter landscape and enjoy the outdoors like never before.

*Available in Europe only

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