FIN GPS Recovers 2023 Polaris Slingshot Roush

Even though the dealership tried to keep the Slingshot safe, thieves found a way.

Find It Now (FIN) GPS Security successfully recovered a 2023 Polaris Slingshot Roush stolen overnight from a dealership.  

A FIN GPS customer took his Slingshot in for bodywork repair at his local dealership on July 13, 2023. Knowing that the dealership would have possession of his Polaris Slingshot for at least three weeks, the customer turned off all alerts to his FIN security system. The Slingshot was stolen from the dealership around midnight on Aug. 4, 2023. Later that morning, when dealership staff arrived for work, they discovered the break-in and noticed the customer’s Polaris Slingshot had been stolen. A dealership representative contacted FIN GPS Security to report the theft, followed by the police and then ultimately made the call to the customer to notify him that the Polaris Slingshot had been stolen. They let the customer know that FIN, along with the police, were already working on retrieving the Slingshot. 

The FIN theft recovery team was able to track the vehicle and immediately relayed the information to all parties involved. Within minutes, the Chicago Police Department made their way to where FIN had last reported. They found the Slingshot and recovered it without further incident. Even though the dealership did everything in its power to keep the customer’s vehicle safe, thieves can and will find a way. This is a reminder to stay alert and always protect your property!

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