Ep. 78: Texas-Sized Episode with Bikes, Shows, Racing and Community Updates

We cover The 2023 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, MotoGP, a Volcon announcement and more.

On this episode of On the Throttle, Jacqui Van Ham and Josh Truche report back from the Lone Star State with news from the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, MotoGP, Volcon and Aprilia. They also give us a chance to help some of our own in the motorcycling community.

  • 2:09: Texas motorcycle update: The 2023 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, MotoGP’s American round at Circuit of the Americas and Austin-based Volcon’s announcement of a $12 million South American distribution deal.
  • 9:45: Aprilia announces its RSV4 Factory and the Tuono Factory Special at the 2023 MotoGP round at Circuit of the Americas.
  • 14:36: Curtiss Motorcycles debut “The 1,” its new $120,000 luxury electric motorcycle.
  • 22:00: Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage Benefit Sale: 20% to 45% off on selected items (as well as free shipping for orders over $150) to help soften the blow of the recent diagnosis of Lisa, also known as Mrs. Wolfman. She has been diagnosed with meningioma brain tumors, and one of them is located on the back of her right eye. Lisa is set to undergo surgery in late April at UCLA’s Brain Tumor Center. More information here.

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