DX1 Announces 3 New Time Saving Features For Powersports Dealers

DX1 introduced additional tool sets to increase revenue opportunities while decreasing duplication of effort within the dealer network.

DX1 is the only software provider in the powersports industry that offers a dealer management system and responsive websites on a single platform versus disparate products and systems. While dealers have been hard at work this summer, DX1 has been diligent in delivering additional tool sets to increase revenue opportunities while decreasing duplication of effort within their dealer network.

DX1 introduced the Fiche for DX1 DMS. The new microfiche offers bin locations as well as quantity available, quantity on hand and pricing. Available OEM’s include: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Husqvarna, Polaris, BRP and more. Dealers will no longer need to rely on integrations which offer outdated pricing and manual price updates.

Another time saving feature new for DX1 DMS is the DataOne VIN lookup which gives our dealers the option to look up a major unit model by the VIN. This can be used when receiving a unit, adding a unit to a work estimate or repair order, adding a trade-in unit to a deal or adding a unit to a customer’s garage. Dealers have information at their fingertips without having to access multiple systems outside of DX1. This feature enhances a dealer’s experience given that DX1 comes loaded with all major unit and marketing data for the top manufacturers within powersports.

DX1 also announced the Service Scheduler. The Service Scheduling feature allows service managers and service writers to set up service technician availability, schedule service appointments, assign the work to service techs and complete the estimates without having to leave the DX1 DMS. Dealers will no longer need paper calendars which clutter their workspace. When Service Scheduling is combined with the recently introduced Technician Time Clock, it will extend service department efficiencies from service managers and writers to technicians. DX1’s Technician Time Clock eliminates manual time entry for your service techs, allowing them to clock in and out when working on jobs. Assign service work with Service Scheduling and your techs can use Technician Time Clock to view their assigned work and clock in directly from the job list. Dealers will see increased profits with this new found way to report and track billable versus technician hours.

“I continue to be impressed by the consistent improvements and upgrades that DX1 invests in on behalf of their dealers. They killed it this summer introducing new features that are making a positive impact within our dealership,” said Graham Marcus, owner of Maddie’s Motor Sports.

DX1 remains dedicated to providing a first-in-class experience to our dealer network and looks forward to introducing SMS Texting for Special Orders, Gift Cards and Quickbooks Online in the very near future.

Link: DX1

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