Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures Italian Idyll

MPN Contributing Editor Tours Majestic Italy by motorcycle With layers of history built up like a lasagna, terrific roads full of curves and luscious scenery, and world-renowned wine and cuisine, Italy is a fabulous destination for motorcyclists. Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures Ltd. is the oldest motorcycle tour company in Europe. Founded by Bob Beach in 1972,

Q & A with Larry Little, Vice President and General Manager of MIC Events

At the 2016 AIMExpo kick off breakfast in Orlando, Larry Little announced the 2017 event would be held in Columbus, Ohio. Fast forward to June 2017 and preparations for the Columbus event are well underway! Big things are indeed happening for the American International Motorcycle Expo, including Indian Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson participating in the combo

Self-Canceling Turn Signals Should be Standard Equipment

The other night, I had my 1977 Yamaha out for a ride; a bike that has self-canceling turn signals. There was nothing new about that. Then I remembered that the brand new FJR1300 I rode last week did not have self-canceling turn signals. Why is that? Why does a 40-year-old Yamaha have signals that shut

Yamaha Creates A Category

2018 Star Venture Transcontinental Tourer Yamaha took the wraps off the 2018 Star Venture and introduced the concept of a “transcontinental tourer” capable of running with any bagger on the market. Cue up the Beach Boys on the state-of-the-art “infotainment” system and let the Good Vibrations of the big air-cooled twin eat up the miles.

The Black Hills, Cats with Money and Einstein!

Dear Ma, I hope you’re doing well up there in Heaven. Things are groovy down here in Dallas. Well, actually, things are more “funky” than “groovy.” Ya know, life is funny and I don’t mean funny “ha ha,” I mean funny “strange!” My business has changed so much over the last 20 plus years. For

Apparel Pro: Urban & Commuter Gear

My partner commutes to work every day. Rain, shine, cold or extreme heat, he suits up head to toe and heads out to face traffic on the LA freeways. Personally, I think that these daily commuters are some of the most exposed riders on bikes. They’re doing the same thing day after day, riding the

Irv Seaver Motorcycles

Customers as Friends and Family There are at least 50 bikes parked in the driveway. Many are new, some are old, mostly they are BMWs but some other brands also are thrown into the mix. The doors to the dealership are open, a hundred conversations about bikes are taking place and the man behind the

Is The Motorcycle Industry Dying?

A Look At The New Rider Market Bloomberg followed the July 4th holiday with the declaration “The Motorcycle Industry Is Dying” on July 5th. While the pronouncement created some fireworks in cyberspace, many in the real world of the motorcycle industry took it as business as usual. “We all die a little each day,” claimed

Upselling Brakes

In the early days of motorcycling, brakes were applied by sticking your foot out to stop. Then in 1902 Steffey Motorcycles of Philadelphia employed a spoon brake on the front wheel. This system essentially pressed a steel plate against the tire to slow the bike down. It was not very efficient but it was better

Embracing the Custom Culture

The custom culture has been around since 1945 but it was not known as such. The world of custom motorcycles was dominated by Harley-Davidson, and from around 1958 through about 2005 was better known by association as the V-twin aftermarket. What changed was the acceptance of multiple brand drivetrains combined with their unique and influential

Virtual Reality Is Coming… And Your Dealership Is Going!

There are already several plays by start-ups to build online powersports dealerships that sell and finance motorcycles nationally rather than locally. A few are focused on pre-owned motorcycles, but we all know that pressure will eventually force a paradigm shift in the traditional franchised business model.

Shifting Gears (July): Printing All The News That Fits

Hail to the chief! Mike Collins is now president and CEO of LeMans Corporation.Collins will now call the shots for house brands, including Moose, Icon, Thor, Arctiva, Slippery and ZlR as well as the distribution business through its five U.S. warehouses, two locations in Canada, and its European distribution center located in Germany. Most recently