The Best of Shop Talk: I Went to The Gym Yesterday

Keeping up with your physical fitness has similar characteristics that can relate to your business. As individuals who own dealerships, the same shortcomings that keep us out of the gym for months at a time can also be hurting your business.

The Best of Shop Talk: Even The Right Software Might Not Make A Difference

The powersports industry is predicting more financing in 2019 than they’ve done in a while. In theory, that should mean more unit sales and more profits.

Tech Tips: Start With The Basics

Don’t just jump in and replace a cylinder head or ECU. Getting fixated on a singular solution and throwing parts at a machine is wasteful and amateur. Be a professional and understand the cause of a problem before a blind repair attempt. Start with the vitals.

PWC Update: 2019 Retail Sales Level with Last Year

“Sales of new personal watercraft, wake sport boats and larger saltwater fishing boats continue to lead growth, while sales of new freshwater fishing boats remain down from year-ago highs.”

F&I: How to Clean up a Credit Report

The process of trying to clean up a credit report takes time and patience. Some companies claim to be able to clean up a credit report and improve the credit score immediately. This is almost impossible and any company that guarantees it can do that instantly should be investigated very carefully.

Destination Dealership: WMR Competition Performance

The fact that the motorcycles are not front and center does not stop WMR from selling lots of motorcycles — the dealership is one of the top KTM and Husqvarna dealerships in the country.

Apparel Pro: Textile Jackets & Zippers

Irving Schott, a business owner who made and sold outerwear, saw the potential for using zippers, and in 1925, he became the first clothier to put a zipper on a jacket. This design eventually led to his creation of the first leather motorcycle jacket in 1928.

Millennial Generation in Powersports: Attracting New Riders

“I think that the biggest challenge with the industry today is new ridership. The average age of a motorcyclist is 50 years old. Five years ago, it was 45,” said Jeremy Jansen, president of the motorsports group at Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF).

Shop Talk: Outside Expert vs. Do It Yourself

Budgeting for an outside training program is a lot more than figuring out if you can pay the bill. Just like purchasing a lift for service or a remodel for the dealership, you have to be able to figure the long-term costs/savings/benefits to the entire transaction.

Offering Winter Storage Programs to Boost Service

We may have a few good days left to ride (if we’re lucky), but most riders park their bikes before the first snowfall.

Destination Dealership: Durango Harley-Davidson & Four Corners Rally

When Jeff and Jodell Murray opened a Harley-Davidson dealership in Durango, CO in 2002, it filled a deficit; before that, the nearest franchise was in Farmington, NM.

Apparel Pro: Knee Braces

Today, like helmets, knee braces are an essential part of motorsports. With the rough terrain and high-impacts powersports enthusiasts encounter, knees need to be protected, especially since knee damage will assuredly keep you from riding for an extended period of time.