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Cardo Systems Announces Rental Availability with Select Hertz Ride Locations

Motorcyclists renting from Hertz Ride now have the opportunity for a greater connection to their riding group, mobile device, GPS and music.


Cardo Systems, Ltd. and Hertz Ride announced the rental availability of Cardo communication systems at select U.S. locations. Motorcyclists renting from Hertz Ride now have the opportunity for a greater connection to their riding group, mobile device, GPS and music. This announcement is the result of an ongoing partnership, announced last year, which made Cardo the official communication system of Hertz Ride.

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Hertz Ride service will provide customers with the option to add Cardo’s PACKTALK BOLD or PACKTALK SLIM units to their two-wheeled vehicle rentals. The PACKTALK products are powered by Cardo’s industry-leading Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology, which allow riders to remain seamlessly connected with up to 15 riders for an enhanced group riding experience. With Cardo’s natural voice-command, activating the device no longer requires a specific action such as push-to-talk, so riders can keep their hands on the bars at all times. Riders can simply say, “Hey Cardo” with the desired action to the always-on system and it reacts instantaneously. Plus, riders will experience sound by JBL, which delivers a superior audio experience to motorcyclists and sets a new standard in audio quality for helmet communications systems.

“For many people, especially renters, riding a motorcycle is all about the experience. With the addition of our industry-leading PACKTALK lineup to Hertz’s offering, we will be able to enhance that experience for these riders,” said Jonathan Yanai, Cardo’s VP Global Sales. “We are excited to continue our work with Hertz by not only offering this opportunity to U.S. riders, but to continue to expand our partnership to provide world-class experiences around the globe.”


The partnership between Cardo Systems and Hertz Ride, which was announced in June of 2018, initially saw Cardo units in select locations around Europe. Debuting in Spain, France and Italy to great success, the program has continued to expand, with select U.S. Hertz Ride locations now making Cardo’s PALKTALK lineup available. Going forward, Cardo and Hertz will look to continue expanding to Hertz Ride locations.

To view a list of Hertz Ride locations offering Cardo’s PALKTALK lineup, visit

Link: Cardo Systems

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