Any Day on the Pan or Shovel is a Good Day!

I don’t know too many bikers that like being told where and when they can or can’t go, or even that they must stay at home. So, having said all that, I’m proud to say that our business is pretty dang good!

Dear Ma,

I hope you’re doing good up there in Heaven, we are doing fine down here in Big D.

We are STILL dealing with the COVID world and we are sick of it! I mean, I get it, people need to stay at home more and take all possible precautions, but it’s not good for most businesses around the country to have people sitting home. But, thankfully, us bikers are an independent bunch and we don’t tend to follow instructions very well. Not to mention, riding a motorcycle is the best form of “social distancing” that I can think of! That tends to bode well for the Motorcycle Industry.

I don’t know too many bikers that like being told where and when they can or can’t go, or even that they must stay at home. So, having said all that, I’m proud to say that our business is pretty dang good! I could actually use a couple more mechanics, but with the holiday’s and cooler weather coming up, I know that we will have the inevitable slowdown that we experience every year.

November 1st is when the slow down hits us. People start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus the weather turns cooler bout that time. Now, this is Dallas, TX, so our weather is not so bad that we can’t ride, it’s just that we are spoiled and a lot of my customer base won’t ride if the temps are below 60 degrees. That’s sad ain’t it?  

Hey Ma, my brother-lawyer-best friend-Irish twin, Randy, was in town from Houston last week and we got on a couple of my RF Custom Choppers and went for a ride through all our old haunts in our hometown of Irving. Even though I still live in Irving, and drive those same streets every day, it’s fun to ride around with Ran and reminisce about our “Glory Days!”

For instance, there was the time that me and Ran were double dating with two sisters. Well, we were in Ran’s 66 Mustang and we were coming back from the Country and Western joint you owned back then Ma, the Blackhawk Club. On the way home Ran and the girls decided that we all needed to hit this other joint for a couple more drinks. Problem is, Ma, it was past 10 p.m. and as you know, I have always been an early to rise and early to bed guy, so I asked Ran to take me home, then they could all go back out drinking. That didn’t set well with Ran and the girls because taking me home was out of their way. So, we argued while headed to the other joint in Fort Worth. Ran refused to take me home, so, sitting in the back seat, I reached up and grabbed a hand full on Ran’s hair and I bout yanked his head off! Now he’s pissed!

He swerved over to the shoulder of the road and began to whop up on me. Yes, I know he’s always been bigger and stronger than me, but Ma, I really just wanted to go home that bad! After rolling around on the ground on the shoulder of the road, he finally agreed that taking me home was a good idea!

Next morning, we both woke up with cuts and bruises, but ya know what Ma, we both laughed about it! After that experience, he always made sure when we went out together, I had to take my own truck because we both knew I can’t hang late night with my brother!

So Ma, I sure miss you running my Ice House every day. I miss your voice and I miss seeing you every single day! I even miss you telling me, in gest, that I’m a dumbass!

Anyway, I better go for now, I’m gonna pull out my 75 Shovelhead and my 65 Panhead and take a ride with my daughter Bigun (Lena). I promised her that we would ride together at least once a week. We’re gonna ride over to a greasy spoon BBQ joint in South Dallas that I been hearing about. Yes, I’m a proud Daddy when Bigun and I ride together, every single time!

Love ya Ma,

Your boy, RF

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