AIMExpo Not Slowing Down in Year Four

The industry made its voice heard when it rallied around AIMExpo, the show that wasn’t afraid to listen and make changes in the effort to lead a continually evolving motorcycle and powersports landscape.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he definition of progress is a movement toward a goal, to a further or higher stage. George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change. Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” The industry made its voice heard when it rallied around AIMExpo, the show that wasn’t afraid to listen and make changes in the effort to lead a continually evolving motorcycle and powersports landscape.

In its fourth year, AIMExpo has come out of the gate swinging with several new components for the 2016 show. A new logo, new housing and registration providers, and the anticipated move to the North Hall at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) are just a few ways AIMExpo is making strides towards its best show yet.

One of the most exciting pieces of news about 2016 has been the move to the OCCC North Hall. This move brings the show floor closer to AIMExpo Outdoors! for a more efficient and enjoyable show experience. AIMExpo has been waiting to make this move for some time and it will surely be a big topic of discussion as attendees enjoy the close proximity of AIMExpo’s unique, standalone feature of AIMExpo Outdoors!

Many of you have probably noticed the all-new logo and revamped branding for AIMExpo 2016. While the change was relatively subtle, the team felt it was the perfect time to showcase a new variety of the logo that bare witness to the AIMExpo debut in 2013. The evolution of the AIMExpo branding is indicative of the team’s commitment to push the platform forward and its dedicated passion for improvement.

EO_aimexpo-instagramThis branding evolution will also be seen in show features, for example the Powersports Dealer Seminars @AIMExpo. It’s been clear over the past three years that the education provided by AIMExpo and its partner Powersports Business is a good reason to attend. Dealers are heading back to their businesses with a clear picture of how they can make the most of the next year and years to come.

If you have attended AIMExpo in the past, you may have already noticed a new registration partner. CDS offers a far simpler and informational process that will make signing up for AIMExpo easier than ever. Registration is now open so if you haven’t already received a notice, head over to the AIMExpo website to get your free registration going. And if you are looking for the official housing provider for AIMExpo, onPeak is ready to make booking a trip to Orlando easier than ever. onPeak is known for its streamlined process that keeps attendee benefits front of mind. It seems like its simpler and easier than ever to get to AIMExpo in 2016.

While the news of AIMExpo’s acquisition by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) isn’t new, the first benefits from the collaboration were recently announced. The synergies of MIC and AIMExpo have brought together a better pipeline for education and growth within the industry. It can also be seen with OEM participation, something that is already growing in 2016.

Over the past three years, AIMExpo has grown its stature as a major media reveal platform for OEMs and  aftermarket companies. 2016 promises more of those global and North American introductions. Several OEMs have already claimed their spot on the show’s floor plan, including Suzuki who will be back as a part of its multi-year investment in AIMExpo.

Joining the OEM lineup in Orlando for the first time will be Piaggio and its stable of brands, which complements an already impressive lineup of returning manufacturers.
As AIMExpo ensures it’s on the right side of progress, the entire industry – from dealers, consumers and exhibitors – look to benefit from its desire to move forward. And if these new features are any indication about the passion that the AIMExpo team is putting into the 2016 show, it’s going to be a must-attend event for all in the industry.

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