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Wolf Brand Scooters Introduces New 125cc Mini Bike for 2020

The name Wolf Brand Scooters gives one a pretty clear indication of the product they sell, or used to only sell, until now. The company’s new 125cc machine, which will compete with the Groms and the Monkey bike clones is like a fastball down the middle from Wolf.


There’s a lot that’s new at Wolf Brand Scooters as they prepare to roll into the new year. They’ve just moved into a new 30,000 square foot warehouse and office building in Tampa Bay, FL, and their new 125cc mini motorcycle, the Striker, is taking dealers by storm. 

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“We actually can’t stay off of it,” Wolf’s General Manager Justin Marmolejo said of the Striker. “Ever since we got the samples in the warehouse, our crew rides them everywhere. They are just plain fun. They’re easy to ride, fast and peppy. Everywhere we go, these things get a ton of attention, and people ask, ‘what is that?’ and we say, ‘it’s a Wolf, it’s coming soon.’ But now it’s here, and I think this will be one of our top sellers in 2020.”

Scooters and mini bikes share some common traits: both are small and easy to ride, for starters.  Most mini bikes have traditionally been small-displacement toys for kids, but ever since the introduction of the Grom in 2014, they are increasingly being ridden by adults for commuting purposes, much like a scooter.  

 The name Wolf Brand Scooters gives one a pretty clear indication of the product they sell, or used to only sell, until now. The company’s new 125cc machine, which will compete with the Groms and the Monkey bike clones is like a fastball down the middle from Wolf. While high-quality economical scooters are still and always will be their bread and butter, they are branching out to offer their extensive national dealer network some more products. 

“Dealers love working with us and are constantly begging us to add more products so they can do more business with us. They love our service team, our consistent inventory availability and that we always have parts in stock and ship same day,” Marmolejo said. “While on an overseas factory tour, we found a specific bike that we loved. So, we adapted that 125cc to our brand as we saw a need for it. There are a lot of clones out there that are knocking off the Groms and are not very good quality. So we wanted to, just like with our scooters, put a good quality product together for a value price. That is what we specialize in.” 


The new Wolf Striker includes high-quality components, such as inverted forks and LED lighting, and it doesn’t look like your standard clone, which is what Marmolejo said they liked about it. Most clones on the market today look like the first edition Groms with inexpensive parts and fitment. But this new bike features a 125cc four-stroke air-cooled engine, 4-speed manual transmission, LED headlight and turn signals, color changing digital speedometer, CST tires, Deni carb, inverted hydraulic forks, an upgraded adjustable dampening rear shock, and most notably, a two-year warranty. 

Striker has a step over tank and a multi-speed transmission with a clutch, which means you ride it like a motorcycle. The fact that it weighs only 230 lbs. is very appealing to consumers who have a truck or a trailer hitch carrier because they can be easily transported for camping or events.

With Honda Groms and their derivatives ranging in price up to $4,000, the Striker will be offered at a very competitive MSRP of just $2,099. With the Striker, Wolf is well-positioned to be the next premium value-brand success story. The company offers product quality and support as good as any and values its dealer network as the key to success. Many of their dealers sell Honda, Yamaha, Vespa and other high-end brands, and are always looking for product they can add to the show room floor for a more affordable price. That’s where Wolf does well in the market.


“I think that’s why we’ve been doing so well over the past 10 years,” Marmolejo said. “We’re definitely not the cheapest product out there, but we are the best combination of quality and affordability you will find. Just ask our dealers.”

When Wolf opened its doors back in 2009, they found the scooter marketplace to be almost impenetrable. But as the company found its footing, it has continued the recipe for success by rolling out new products every year and forming good relationships with dealers. 

“Now we have hundreds of dealerships selling Wolf and a lot of lifelong friends in the industry,” said CEO Diana Hammer. “At first, it took some time to convince dealers that we were different and to give us a try. But once they did, they were hooked.”

Marmolejo said they are looking forward to another positive year in 2020, with the new Striker and some other products in the pipeline that he couldn’t take the lid off of yet. With Wolf already delivering the new Striker before Christmas, the new year may just be a little brighter in Florida.  

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