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Wolf Brand Scooters Diana Hammer


OEM UPDATE: Wolf Brand Scooters

Wolf Brand Scooters got its humble start in Tampa Bay, Florida, almost a decade ago. Now Wolf scooters are being carried across the country in some of the largest scooter shops in the nation.


Wolf Brand Scooters Diana Hammer

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It’s not just about sipping $5 coffee and fancy craft beer for some Millennials. In fact, Wolf Brand Scooters CEO Diana Hammer would fit into that generation’s target market, which is partly why she’s been so good at pinning them down as customers for years. She does enjoy the occasional cup of joe at the local coffee hotspot (on the weekend of course!), but has been mostly preoccupied with turning what was a small idea into what is now big brand. She’s a young, hardworking, tenacious, yet somehow seriously unserious CEO who has spent the last 10 years building one of the fastest-growing scooter brands in the nation. And here’s how:
Wolf Brand Scooters got its humble start in Tampa Bay, Florida, almost a decade ago. Now Wolf scooters are being carried across the country in some of the largest scooter shops in the nation. Wolf has become known as the hip scooter company that sells premium affordable scooters, being sold next to top scooter brands, like Genuine and Vespa.
Nearly a decade ago, when Wolf opened its doors for business, Hammer found the scooter marketplace to be almost impenetrable. But her passion for scooters and business kept her going. “Now we have hundreds of dealerships selling Wolf, and a lot of lifelong friends in the industry,” she says. “We’ve learned a lot from the mistakes others had made before us. We paid close attention to what not to do. It still took us years of having to convince dealers that we were actually different and to just give us a try. But once they did, they were hooked.”
Early on, Wolf gained a few dealers of notable mention in the scooter world, making future closes even easier. “We reached a point where we didn’t have to convince dealers anymore. When they saw some of the top scooter dealerships selling Wolf and dominating their local markets, other dealers wanted in on it.
“There is good reason why our dealers love us so much,” Hammer continues. “We’ve grown slow and steady, we take the time to get to know dealers and find out what they really need, and then we provide just that. Now we’re ready to make the next jump in expansion and with 2018 scooter sales on the horizon, we’ve hit the ground running! We plan on expanding even farther into the Midwest and West Coast territories this year and are looking for more Western dealerships to join the Wolf pack!”
The things Hammer has learned from the marketplace over the years are solidly built into Wolf’s operation. Excellent profit margins for dealers, top-notch tech-support, and a seemingly endless inventory of scooters and parts are some of the reasons why Wolf has become such a popular choice for dealers.
Just 30 years old, Hammer learned from her father at a young age that the customer is always right, and that quality is key. Her father is a successful business man who instilled in her the work ethic and business etiquette needed to ensure Wolf’s success. She works to make sure that dealers are always happy and that her product is the best it can be. Her success-no-matter-what attitude has certainly paid off!
Wolf Brand’s hipster-cool website showcases their collection of sporty and retro scooter models, lets consumers find local dealers easily, and gives new dealers great incentives by offering things like free shipping on first-time orders while also ensuring dealers a money-back guarantee, based on the certainty that they will love Wolf’s products.
Just take a drive down to the University of Florida, in Gainesville, or over to the University of Iowa, in Iowa City,
or up to Michigan State University, in Lansing, and you’re
sure to see Wolf Scooters everywhere you go. Wolf seems to be the scooter of choice these days, and word travels fast in small towns.
“Scooters are an inexpensive, fun and green mode of transportation, and they aren’t just for scooter shops. Powersports dealers could do just as well by offering affordable scooters,” says Hammer. “Why turn away paying customers who can’t afford a Yamaha or Honda? These scooters will give any household brand a run for their money! And yes, we’ve been measured up to quite a few. Our service and support, combined with quality and price, have made a lot of dealers ask us how we do it all and what makes us so different. If you’re not carrying Wolf, you’re missing out on a piece of the pie. It’s as simple as that!”
Hammer loves helping dealerships grow and is often found giving experienced and helpful advice on what actions make a dealership thrive. After all, she has been working with some of the top scooter dealers in the nation for nearly a decade now.
Hammer is currently working on releasing a series of videos this year to share with dealers what actions they can be doing to easily see 20-percent increases in sales within a year. You can reach her via email at [email protected] She would love to hear from you!

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