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WhereSafe GPS Consumer Safety Service Available to Powersports Dealers

WhereSafe, a family safety and asset protection service for consumers, announced its formal consumer launch.  The service is being positioned to motorsport dealers as a potential aftermarket sell to buyers of new or used ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, etc., with the added benefit of lot theft security.

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“We’ve taken a proven Fleet tracking system and stripped out the complex reporting capabilities and matched it with a consumer friendly app interface that anyone can use,” said Vince Poloniato, president at WhereSafe.  “This hardware can be installed on any powersports equipment, is portable, so it can be moved around the lot and then sold to an end customer.”

WhereSafe has been specifically designed as a simplified version of a well-known commercial fleet GPS system, which is at a price point consumers can justify and dealers can benefit from. Functioning as a GPS-Powered, theft protection system, it consists of easy-to-install GPS tracking hardware and a smart phone app, which once downloaded, is ready to use. Hardware options are portable (magnetic) or plug-and-play and are ultra-durable for weather and extreme use.

“WhereSafe is the culmination of 16 years in market research and experience, in the commercial space” Poloniato said. “Our goal is to provide families with the ability to ‘Protect your Passions’ using GPS technology. We know that today, consumers are more comfortable with GPS, they understand it better and see the potential to help safeguard what is important to them.”


Consumers can use WhereSafe to track powersports toys, vehicles, young or elderly drivers, trailers, equipment, RVs and more.  Dealers have the opportunity to sell multiples for customers to install into other assets.    

WhereSafe runs on GPS technology that leverages real-time tracking.  WhereSafe’s app will notify the user or dealer if something happens that they need to know.  Among the many types of notifications available, some examples include if a speed limit is exceeded, an ATV leaves home or the dealership at night, or if a loved one has left a predefined area.  


“We want users to put their phones down and not waste any more precious time watching a screen,” Poloniato said. “Our tool provides the simplicity of use and the freedom to allow the system to work in the background only notifying you when a predetermined event actually happens.”    

The services can be purchased in one-year bundles, no contract plans or by rental. The app can be downloaded for either Apple or Android.    

Link: WhereSafe

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