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Ural Introduces 2019 Lineup of Sidecar Motorcycles

An all new EFI system and modernized top end make Ural’s 750cc “boxer” engine run cooler, smoother and work more efficiently.


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The difference between 2019 Urals and its predecessors almost unnoticeable visually, the new model year brings a big changes to Ural family of sidecar motorcycles. An all new EFI system and modernized top end make Ural’s 750cc “boxer” engine run cooler, smoother and work more efficiently.

The new system, developed by Ural engineers in cooperation with Taiwanese company aRacer, utilizes a single ECU located under the driver seat and two Keihin throttle bodies, one per each cylinder. Electronic idle speed control provides for better startability and stable idle speed. New self-priming fuel pump is of in-tank design and integrated with fuel filter and pressure relief. System fuel pressure increased for improved fuel atomization. Fuel injector location is optimized for increased combustion efficiency.


The 2019 Ural engine will feature redesigned cylinders, cylinders head and covers and pistons. The surface area of the cooling fins on the heads and cylinders is increased by 20 percent for better cooling. The geometry of both intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder head is optimized for improved flow of gasses; the exhaust port is also shortened to reduce cylinder head temperature. New pistons have teflon inlayed skirt and hard anodized crown and top ring groove. The top compression ring face is inlayed with plasma-sprayed molybdenum. The new oil pan capacity is increased by 25 percent without sacrificing ground clearance.

“Our goal was to improve performance and reliability while meeting or exceeding ever-tightening emission control requirements in the US, Europe and other markets where Ural sells its product,” said Nik Hays, Ural’s head of development. “One of the biggest challenges that a small company like ours faces when developing a new product is to get its hand on a high quality components and solutions. We’re very happy that we finally were able to do that and make another step in bringing Ural at the 21-century technological level. We’re not quite there yet, but 2019 is definitely a big step forward.”


The 2019 Ural lineup will consist of two models – Ural Gear-Up, a 2wd adventure rig with an MSRP of $16,999 and Ural cT, a one-wheel drive combination with an MSRP $14,999.

Link: IMZ-Ural

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