Apparel Pro: Tips For Selling Riding Jackets

Joe Rocket Men’s Crossfire Jacket

Today’s riding jackets can do it all with many different materials, from leather to textile, and come in styles geared for cruisers, sport touring, racing and adventure riding. The following are some general tips for stocking and selling riding jackets:

Sell the correct gear for the application. You’re not going to win over customers selling cruiser jackets to adventure riders—style and application matter.

Riding jackets come in various materials, so carrying a mix of styles allows your customers to choose what best fits their needs.

Pay attention to the weather. A successful ride often means dressing for the weather and being prepared for changes. If your customer rides in high humidity or blazing heat, recommend jackets made of lightweight mesh in the arms, back and chest areas.

Adventure riders often ride through inclement weather. You may want to look for jackets with removable shells so your customer is comfortable riding in varying conditions.

Waterproof jackets are your friend. While the forecast may call for sun, an unexpected storm can ruin a rider’s experience if they are not prepared for the weather. Waterproof material is typically lightweight and allows for ease of movement, and many jackets come with waterproof liners that can be removed.

Venting isn’t just for frustrated salespeople. It is essential in motorcycle clothing too. Riders can zip or unzip a vent depending on weather or temperature, which gives them more freedom to choose how to adapt their jacket.

Armored jackets are not for taking a bullet, but they are a critical aspect of riding, like a helmet. Look for clothing with armor that is CE-rated for more protection. Many jackets allow the rider to select what types of armor to place in the jacket.

Stock items that keep leather and textiles in good condition, like waterproofing sprays and cleaners to ensure that the clothing lasts as long as the rider intends to keep it.

Keep your customers safe by stocking reflective material and bright, hi-viz colors to attract the attention of other motorists. Also note that many riders like to match their gear to their bikes.

And finally, stock items that you would personally wear on a ride. Whenever you recommend items to a customer based on your use and experience, it dramatically improves the likelihood of a sale.

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