Segway’s Latest E-Bike Innovations Transform Off-Road Adventure

Debuting at CES 2024, the global brand’s next-generation electric bike lineup is redefining exploration.

Segway-Ninebot, a global leader in micromobility and robotics technology, is unveiling its latest advancements in off-road exploration with the introduction of two groundbreaking electric bikes: the Segway Xafari and Segway Xyber. Set to launch in late 2024, these new additions promise to redefine the adventure landscape, offering unmatched capabilities and features for off-road enthusiasts.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the launch of our Segway Xafari and Segway Xyber, representing a significant leap forward in electric bike innovation,” said Alan Zhao, Segway E-Bike Division general manager. “These e-bikes embody Segway’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance to our riders. With adjustable features, remarkable stability and advanced connectivity, these bikes redefine what’s possible for off-road adventures.”

Shared features across both models include:

  • Active scene perception: Based on the perception of the road condition and the user, the vehicle will intelligently make various actions, such as adjusting power output, turning on or off headlights, initiating or locking, and so on.
  • Seamless connectivity: Integration with mobile phone health apps and Ninebot’s vehicle networking platforms
  • Advanced data monitoring: Real-time tracking of mileage, speed, calories burned and more
  • Comprehensive anti-theft measures: Featuring hidden rear wheel hub locks, Ninebot air lock AC triggering a mobile alarm, GPS functionality and location-based alarm systems
  • All-in-one smart cockpit: Integration of smart applications, electronic speakers, sensor headlights, music playback and intelligent navigation systems on a color display dashboard
  • Tailored operation: Stepless power assistance setting for intuitive and adaptive control, enhancing rider convenience.

Segway Xafari: The Urban Outdoor Explorer

Setting a new standard in off-road capability, the Segway Xafari boasts a state-of-the-art design and performance enhancements. Engineered to tackle the toughest terrains, it promises an unrivaled adventure for enthusiasts craving the ultimate ride. Its enhanced intelligent power adjustment system dynamically responds to real-time user status and environmental conditions, ensuring seamless support for riders. With all-terrain tires and a full suspension system, it effortlessly maneuvers diverse landscapes, delivering SUV-like comfort alongside unbeatable versatility.

Segway Xafari

Key features include:

  • One-piece Gravity casting frame, rugged and seamless
  • Full suspension system: 80-millimeter front suspension/70-millimeter rear suspension plus 26-by-3-inch all-terrain wheel set
  • 913 watt-hour high-energy density battery (extending overall range by 30%, higher than average e-bike in the U.S.)
  • 750-watt, 80-newton-meter super-power motor
  • Turbo-charging supercharger (1 kilowatt-hour around 4 hours)
  • Easy-adjustable height (4-foot-11 to 6-foot-3).

Segway Xyber: The Silent Beast

The Segway Xyber redefines e-bike riding with its exceptional design and top-tier performance, setting a new standard in the realm of shared riding experiences. It stands out with a distinctive appearance and futuristic design, resonating with trendsetting riders. Crafted specifically for two riders, it’s engineered to provide an unmatched experience. Engineered with a motorcycle-class double cradle frame system, the Xyber ensures unwavering stability and reliability across even the most challenging and rugged landscapes. The extra-large seat cushion enhances comfort for both riders, ensuring a luxurious experience on extended adventures.

Segway Xyber e-bike
Segway Ninebot

Key features include:

  • 175-newton-meter torque high-speed motor; acceleration: 0 to 19.8 mph in 2.5 seconds
  • Can equip two batteries within frame of 1,440-watt-hours to extend total range up to 95 miles
  • Full suspension system: 120-millimeter front suspension/120-millimeter rear suspension
  • Customized ultra-wide tires.

Segway is offering exclusive sneak peeks and demos of the Segway Xafari and Xyber e-bikes at CES 2024 (North Hall Booth #9827) from Jan. 9-12; they will be available for purchase in late 2024. To learn more about the latest from Segway, visit the Segway newsroom. You can also follow along on social media using the hashtag #SegwayXCES2024.

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